Exciting New Dramas Starring the Cast of The Atypical Family

Get ready for the next wave of must-watch dramas featuring the beloved cast of The Atypical Family. New romances and thrilling mysteries await!
Exciting New Dramas Starring The Cast Of The Atypical Family

The Atypical Family became one of the most talked about dramas in the first half of 2024. The storyline got more interesting with each episode, and the chemistry between the actors made this drama highly popular.

After its finale on June 9, 2024, fans are eagerly anticipating the next projects of its beloved cast members. Here are three upcoming dramas featuring stars from The Atypical Family.

Love Next Door

Kim Geum Soo

Kim Geum Soo, who played Baek Il Hong in The Atypical Family, is confirmed to star in tvN’s new drama Love Next Door. The drama is set to air in August 2024 and will also feature Jung Hae In, Jung So Min, Kim Ji Eun, and Yun Ji On.

The storyline centers around an ambitious young architect who reunites with his childhood friend, who has recently quit his job. Their childhood memories still linger, and a chance meeting in the present leads them to weave a romantic comedy love story.

In my opinion, Love Next Door promises to be a delightful mix of nostalgia and romance. The chemistry between the leads will be crucial, and given Kim Geum Soo’s performance in The Atypical Family, expectations are high.


Jang Ki Young

Jang Ki Young is set to be one of the main actors in the drama adaptation of the webtoon by Kim Carnby and Cheon Beom Sik, titled PIGPEN. Directed by Kim Sang Man, the drama will also star Cha Seung Won, Roh Jeong Eui, Kim Dae Myung, and Kim Dong Hwi.

PIGPEN is a thriller that tells the story of a man stranded on an island with memory loss. He then lives with a family whose behavior is suspicious. As his memory gradually returns, threats begin to emerge.

This drama sounds like a gripping thriller that will keep viewers on the edge of their seats. Jang Ki Young’s ability to portray complex emotions will be pivotal in bringing this intense storyline to life.

My Youth

Chun Woo Hee

Chun Woo Hee is reportedly considering an offer for HighZium Studio’s drama project My Youth. If she accepts, she will be paired with the talented Song Joong Ki. Directed by Lee Sang Yeop, known for works such as Yumi’s Cell, Familiar Wife, and Shopaholic Louis, the script is penned by Park Si Hyun, the writer behind Run On.

My Youth follows the twists and turns in the lives of two young people, Seon Woo Hae and Sung Je Yeon, who meet again after 15 years apart.

My Youth seems poised to be an emotional journey filled with heartfelt moments. The reunion of Chun Woo Hee and Song Joong Ki is highly anticipated, and their performances will be key to the drama’s success.


These upcoming dramas starring the cast members of The Atypical Family offer a variety of genres and intriguing storylines. From romantic comedies to thrilling mysteries and emotional reunions, there’s something for everyone. Which drama are you most looking forward to? Let us know in the comments!

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