Does High School Return of a Gangster Contain a BL Story?

Does High School Return of a Gangster feature a BL storyline? Learn why this webtoon adaptation focuses on bromance, capturing viewers' hearts.
Does High School Return Of A Gangster Contain A Bl Story?

High School Return of a Gangster (2024) has captured the attention of many viewers with its engaging plot and intriguing character dynamics. The drama, consisting of only eight episodes, is adapted from the BL (Boys Love) webtoon I, a Gangster, Became a High School Student. However, fans who expected a direct BL storyline might be surprised. Let’s explore why this drama focuses on bromance instead of BL.

The Source Material: A BL Webtoon

I, a Gangster, Became a High School Student centers around Kim Deuk Pal, a gangster boss whose soul ends up in the body of a high school student, Song Yi Heon. This setup leads to a complex relationship between Song Yi Heon and his schoolmate, Choi Se Kyung. The webtoon, known for its BL elements, portrays a romantic angle between the characters despite the significant age difference between Kim Deuk Pal and Choi Se Kyung.

Many fans of the webtoon eagerly anticipated its adaptation into a South Korean drama, hoping to see the BL storyline come to life on screen. However, the drama adaptation took a different route, much to the surprise of its viewers.

Still Cut Korean Drama High School Return Of A Gangster

From BL to Bromance: The Drama Adaptation

The drama version of High School Return of a Gangster focuses on bromance rather than BL. Song Yi Heon, portrayed by Yoon Chan Young, and Choi Se Kyung, played by Bong Jae Hyun, share a close bond that fans have described as heartwarming and intense. Their friendship is the central theme, with no explicit romantic undertones that are typical of BL dramas.

In the drama, Song Yi Heon is eager to befriend Choi Se Kyung, but Choi Se Kyung initially keeps his distance, reluctant to get involved when Song Yi Heon faces bullying. The turning point comes when a tragedy causes Kim Deuk Pal’s soul to inhabit Song Yi Heon’s body, leading to a unique and compelling dynamic between the characters.

Despite the absence of BL elements, the bromance between Song Yi Heon and Choi Se Kyung has been a highlight for many viewers. By the end of the eighth episode, it’s evident that their bond remains strong as they continue their journey together, even attending the same university.

High School Return Of A Gangster

Why the Change from BL to Bromance?

The decision to shift from a BL storyline to bromance was not taken lightly. According to the production team, financial considerations played a significant role. The BL genre often faces limitations in production investments and returns, which led the team to opt for a broader appeal by focusing on bromance.

The production team believed that the characters and storyline from the webtoon were compelling enough to adapt into a drama without the BL elements. They aimed to create a narrative that could attract a wider audience while maintaining the essence of the original story.

As a result, High School Return of a Gangster (2024) stands out for its portrayal of strong friendships and character development, even though it deviates from the BL genre. The drama successfully retains the intriguing premise of the webtoon while presenting it in a way that resonates with a diverse viewership.

Final Thoughts

While High School Return of a Gangster might not fulfill the expectations of those looking for a BL drama, it offers a captivating story filled with meaningful relationships and character growth. The bromance between Song Yi Heon and Choi Se Kyung is beautifully depicted, making the drama a must-watch for fans of heartfelt, character-driven narratives.

In conclusion, the decision to focus on bromance instead of BL does not diminish the value of the drama. Instead, it broadens its appeal, allowing more viewers to appreciate the unique story of High School Return of a Gangster.

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