Chronology of the Death of Choi Myung Yoon’s Mother in Missing Crown Prince

Dive into the emotional journey of Choi Myung Yoon as he unravels the truth about his mother's tragic death in Missing Crown Prince.
Chronology Of The Death Of Choi Myung Yoon’S Mother In Missing Crown Prince

The relationship between Choi Myung Yoon (Hong Ye Ji) and Choi Sang Rok (Kim Joo Hoon) in Missing Crown Prince is fraught with tension. Myung Yoon’s hatred for his father intensifies when he believes that Sang Rok is responsible for his mother’s death. However, the true events are far more complex than they initially seem. Here’s a detailed chronology of what really happened to Myung Yoon’s mother.

Moo Baek’s Misunderstanding

Moo Baek Witnessing Sang Rok With A Blood-Stained Sword And Mrs. Choi In Agony


Moo Baek (Seo Jae Woo), a loyal servant of the Choi family, witnesses a shocking scene one night. He sees Sang Rok fighting off a group of armed guards, a conflict that ends quickly. Driven by curiosity and concern, Moo Baek enters his master’s room only to find Sang Rok with a blood-stained sword and his wife in agony nearby. Myung Yoon, just a baby, is crying next to his mother’s bloodied body.

Moo Baek approaches Mrs. Choi, who, with her dying breath, asks him to take care of Myung Yoon. This tragic scene leads Moo Baek to believe that Sang Rok has killed his wife. From that moment, Moo Baek is burdened with the secret of this perceived crime.

The Secret Revealed

Moo Baek Revealing The Secret To Myung Yoon


Years later, the strained relationship between Myung Yoon and his father worsens as more of Sang Rok’s dark deeds come to light. Myung Yoon discovers his father’s involvement in poisoning the king and an affair with the queen mother, further deepening his mistrust and loathing.

Moo Baek, conflicted and unable to bear Myung Yoon’s suffering, decides to reveal the truth. He tells Myung Yoon about the night Mrs. Choi died, sharing his belief that Sang Rok was the killer. This revelation fuels Myung Yoon’s resolve to stand against his father and seek justice for his mother’s death.

The Real Culprits

Geo Woo Explaining The True Events To Myung Yoon


The final piece of the puzzle is revealed by Geo Woo (Kim Byung Ok), a psychic for the Choi family who witnessed the events firsthand. Geo Woo meets with Myung Yoon and explains that Sang Rok was trying to protect the queen mother and his ex-fiancé from the previous king’s bodyguards. The guards, seeking to capture or kill the queen mother, attacked Sang Rok’s house.

In the chaos, one of the guards managed to enter the house and struck Mrs. Choi, who was holding baby Myung Yoon. Sang Rok, arriving too late to prevent the attack, chased the guards with his sword, leading Moo Baek to mistakenly believe he had killed his wife.

Sang Rok, wracked with guilt, never corrected this misunderstanding, allowing everyone to believe he was the cause of his wife’s death. This truth, finally revealed in the ending of Missing Crown Prince, clears up the long-standing misconception between Myung Yoon and his father.

Final Thoughts

The storyline of Missing Crown Prince is a masterful blend of intrigue and emotional complexity. The misunderstanding that drives a wedge between father and son adds a poignant layer to the narrative. Myung Yoon’s journey from believing his father to be a murderer to uncovering the truth highlights the themes of trust, forgiveness, and the devastating impact of secrets. The resolution of this plotline provides a satisfying and emotional conclusion to a compelling drama.

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