Celebrating Zhao Liying: A Journey Through 18 Years of Stardom

Marking 18 years since her debut, Zhao Liying shines in a tribute by Min Tasha. Discover her journey and iconic roles that have captivated audiences.
Celebrating Zhao Liying: A Journey Through 18 Years Of Stardom

It’s hard to believe, but it’s been 18 years since Zhao Liying first graced our screens. From a fresh-faced 19-year-old newcomer in 2006 to a seasoned actress in 2024, Zhao Liying has matured into a beloved figure in the entertainment industry, cherished for her versatility and charm. To mark her 18th anniversary in showbiz, stylist Min Tasha shared a splendid “nine palaces” picture, celebrating Zhao’s illustrious career.

This special artwork, called a Jiugongtu, features nine distinct images that showcase various collaborative moments between Zhao Liying and Min Tasha. Through these images, fans can trace the evolution of Zhao’s career and admire her ability to embody a range of characters, from the youthful and adorable to the mature and dignified.

Reflecting on Iconic Roles

Zhao Liying’s appeal lies not just in her endearing round face or her skillful acting, but in the breadth of characters she has portrayed. Whether stepping into the shoes of ancient figures or embodying modern-day women, Zhao has done it all—gods and mortals, princesses and peasants. Her roles have not only entertained but also offered glimpses into diverse lives, echoing with audiences across various backgrounds.

One of the highlights of Zhao’s career, featured in the nine palaces, is the variety of fan-drawn portraits of her characters. These portrayals make one wonder if they can pinpoint the exact TV show each character is from. While some might find it easy to recognize Qing’er or Sheng Minglan, others might reminisce about Zhao’s performances in The Legend of Shen Li, a recent hit from this year.

As we celebrate this milestone, it’s also a time to ponder over what’s next for Zhao Liying. What new challenges will she take on? What roles would fans love to see her in next? Each character she has played has left an indelible mark on her audience’s hearts, and the anticipation for her future projects continues to build.

Eighteen years may seem like a long time, but for Zhao Liying, it appears to be just the beginning of a splendid journey. Here’s to many more years of her captivating us with her performances, continuing to shine as one of the luminaries of the entertainment world.

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