Anton RIIZE Opposes His Younger Brother’s Idol Debut: Here’s Why

Anton RIIZE opposes his brother's idol debut, sparking family tension.
Anton Riize Opposes His Younger Brother’S Idol Debut: Here’S Why

As many know, Anton RIIZE is the son of the renowned soloist Yoon Sang. Despite his father’s successful career in the entertainment industry, Anton was initially discouraged by Yoon Sang from pursuing a career as an idol. Now, the tables have turned, with Yoon Sang supporting his children in the entertainment field, but Anton opposing his younger brother Lee Jun Young’s debut as an idol. Let’s delve into the reasons behind this family tension.

Yoon Sang’s Change of Heart

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Previously, Yoon Sang was firmly against Anton’s dream of becoming an idol. However, Anton’s success as part of the group RIIZE changed his father’s perspective. Yoon Sang shared his new outlook on the show RadioStar on June 19, 2024, saying, “I used to think, ‘There’s no way my children will follow this path.’ But seeing my eldest son’s success and the happiness it brought to our family, I realized I couldn’t stop them if that’s what they truly wanted.”

This change of heart shows a significant shift from Yoon Sang’s previous stance, demonstrating how witnessing his son’s achievements influenced his beliefs. It seems that Yoon Sang now fully supports his children’s ambitions in the entertainment industry, despite his initial reservations.

Anton’s Opposition to His Brother’s Debut

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Contrary to his father’s newfound support, Anton is not in favor of his younger brother Lee Jun Young entering the idol world. Anton believes his brother is better suited for a career outside of the arts. According to Yoon Sang, Anton expressed concerns about his brother’s career choice, suggesting that he pursue something more academic instead. This led to a rebuke from Yoon Sang, who told Anton, “Are you the father?”

Anton’s protective stance likely stems from his own experiences and the challenges he faced in the entertainment industry. He might be trying to shield his younger brother from the pressures and difficulties associated with an idol career.

The Future of Lee Jun Young

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Despite Anton’s reservations, Yoon Sang does not rule out the possibility of Lee Jun Young becoming an artist. Reflecting on his previous mistake of opposing Anton’s career, Yoon Sang admits that he will support whatever decision his children make. He stated, “I started to worry, ‘What if Lee Jun Young really wants to do it?’ I keep changing my mind about it, but I slowly realize that my children’s career paths don’t depend on me.”

At just 15 years old, Lee Jun Young’s potential debut has already garnered significant attention, especially from netizens who are eager to see him follow in his brother’s footsteps. His visuals have gone viral, and many fans, particularly noona (older female fans), are excited about the possibility of his debut under SM Entertainment.

Final Thoughts

The dynamic within Yoon Sang’s family highlights the complexities of supporting loved ones in their career choices, especially in the high-pressure world of entertainment. Anton’s opposition to his brother’s debut is a testament to his protective nature and personal experiences, while Yoon Sang’s evolving perspective underscores the importance of support and understanding in a family.

As we wait to see whether Lee Jun Young will make his debut, one thing is clear: the journey of Yoon Sang’s children in the entertainment industry will continue to captivate fans and the public alike. What do you think about this family’s story? Let us know in the comments!

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