9 Comparative Portraits of My Sweet Mobster Characters in Drama vs Webtoon

Drama vs. Webtoon: How My Sweet Mobster characters compare in looks and personality.
9 Comparative Portraits Of My Sweet Mobster Characters In Drama Vs Webtoon

My Sweet Mobster (2024) adapted from the popular webtoon titled The Woman Who Plays (2024), has captivated audiences with its intriguing storyline and well-developed characters. One of the highlights of this Korean drama adaptation is the striking similarity between the characters in the drama and their webtoon counterparts. In this article, we will explore these similarities and differences, focusing on how well the drama has captured the essence of the original webtoon characters.

Character Comparisons: Drama vs. Webtoon

1. Seo Ji Hwan: The Suave Suit-Wearer

At a glance, viewers can instantly see the similarity in aura between Seo Ji Hwan, played by Uhm Tae Goo, and his webtoon version. Both characters share a penchant for wearing sharp suits, exuding a charismatic and professional demeanor. The drama has done a commendable job in maintaining this visual and emotional consistency, making Seo Ji Hwan a memorable character in both mediums.

Seo Ji Hwan Comparison

2. Go Eun Ha: A Slight Hair Difference

Go Eun Ha, portrayed by Han Sun Hwa, has a similar hair color in both the drama and the webtoon. However, there’s a noticeable difference in the length of her hair; Eun Ha’s hair is shorter in the webtoon version. Despite this minor variation, her character’s essence remains intact, showing her vibrant and dynamic personality.

Go Eun Ha Comparison

The Unique Adaptations

3. Joo Il Young: Golden Hair Charmer

In the webtoon, Joo Il Young sports golden yellow hair, which is a stark contrast to the dark-haired version played by Kim Hyun Jin in the drama. Despite the hair color change, both versions of Joo Il Young possess a captivating charm that makes them irresistible to fans. This adaptation choice highlights how a character’s core traits can be preserved even with visual differences.

Joo Il Young Comparison

4. Kwak Jae Soo: From Gangster to Fatherly Figure

Kwak Jae Soo, known as Jingeun in the webtoon, exhibits a dramatic transformation in the drama. Played by Yang Hyun Min, his character in the drama is very gangster-like, whereas in the webtoon, he comes across as more fatherly. This shift in portrayal adds a new dimension to his character, providing depth and complexity to his role in the drama.

Kwak Jae Soo Comparison

5. Jung Man Ho: The Aura of Similarity

Jung Man Ho, known as Yunseop in the webtoon, shares a similar aura and expressions in both versions. Lee Yoo Joon’s portrayal captures the essence of the webtoon character, making the transition from page to screen seamless and engaging for the audience.

Jung Man Ho Comparison

6. Yang Hong Ki: Style Over Substance

Yang Hong Ki, played by Moon Dong Hyeok, and his webtoon counterpart are almost identical, with the only notable difference being their hairstyle. Both characters maintain a consistent style and personality, showcasing the careful attention to detail in the adaptation process.

Yang Hong Ki Comparison

7. Lee Dong Hee: The Maknae

In the drama, the youngest member of Deer Thirst is named Lee Dong Hee, played by Jae Chan, while in the webtoon, he goes by the name Mingyu. Despite the name change, both versions of the character retain their youthful and energetic vibe, endearing them to fans.

Lee Dong Hee Comparison

8. Gu Mi Ho: Different Looks, Same Job

Gu Mi Ho, portrayed by Moon Ji In, and her webtoon counterpart differ in hair color and style. However, they both work at a salon, highlighting their shared profession and passion. This consistency in character background helps maintain the storyline’s integrity.

Gu Mi Ho Comparison

9. Kang Ye Na: The Most Similar Depiction

Kang Ye Na, played by Song Seo Rin, is the character whose depiction is most similar between the drama and the webtoon. While his webtoon version is more cunning and annoying, the drama has captured his essence, making him a standout character.

Kang Ye Na Comparison

Even though not all the characters are identical, their demeanor does not change the storyline of My Sweet Mobster. Whether you prefer the drama version or the webtoon, there’s no denying that both offer a captivating experience. What do you think? Which version do you like better? Share your thoughts in the comments!

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