8 Jobs of Cast of Possessed Love: From Witch Reader to Shaman

Learn about the unique spiritual jobs of the Possessed Love cast.
8 Jobs Of Cast Of Possessed Love: From Witch Reader To Shaman

Possessed Love (2024) has captured the hearts of both Indonesian and South Korean audiences with its unique and intriguing concept. This dating show brings together eight individuals who all work in various spiritual fields. In the second episode of Possessed Love, the cast members reveal their fascinating jobs, showcasing a diverse array of spiritual practices. Let’s delve into the unique professions and skills of each participant!

Shamanic Callings and Transformations

Ham Su Hyeon: A Shaman’s Journey from Banking to Spiritual Guidance

Ham Su Hyeon has been a shaman for a year, a third-generation practitioner who previously worked as a banker. His transition from the corporate world to spiritual guidance highlights the diverse paths people take to find their true calling. Ham Su Hyeon now dedicates his life to helping others through his shamanic practices, offering insights and guidance rooted in deep tradition and personal experience.

Ham Su Hyeon

Still Cut From Dating Show Possessed Love (Doc. Viu/Possessed Love) 

Lee Hong Jo: Embracing the Shamanic Gift

Lee Hong Jo’s journey into shamanism began six months ago, though he realized his spiritual abilities six years prior. His story is one of perseverance and exploration, trying various professions before fully embracing his gift. Lee Hong Jo’s fresh perspective as a relatively new shaman adds a unique dynamic to the show, as he continues to grow and develop his spiritual skills.

Lee Hong Jo

Still Cut From Dating Show Possessed Love (Doc. Viu/Possessed Love) 

Park I Yul: The Multifaceted Shaman and Exorcist

Park I Yul has spent the past four years as a shaman and exorcist, dealing with demons and evil spirits. His expertise extends to reading clients’ love fortunes, making him a versatile spiritual practitioner. Park I Yul’s broad range of skills and experiences brings a rich, multifaceted approach to his work, providing holistic spiritual services to those in need.

Park I Yul

Still Cut From Dating Show Possessed Love (Doc. Viu/Possessed Love) 

Diverse Spiritual Practices

Heo Gu Bong: The Seasoned Saju Reader and Feng Shui Expert

Heo Gu Bong has been a Saju reader for 13 years and also possesses expertise in Feng Shui, naming, and Six Hyo. His long-standing experience and deep knowledge in these fields make him a highly respected figure in the spiritual community. Heo Gu Bong’s ability to offer comprehensive spiritual insights through various practices is a testament to his dedication and skill.

Heo Gu Bong

Still Cut From Dating Show Possessed Love (Doc. Viu/Possessed Love) 

Lee Jae Won: The Saju Reader with a Talent for Naming

For the past six years, Lee Jae Won has specialized in Saju reading and naming. His unique combination of skills allows him to provide personalized spiritual guidance and naming services, helping individuals find harmony and balance in their lives. Lee Jae Won’s approach is both thoughtful and meticulous, ensuring his clients receive the best possible insights.

Lee Jae Won

Still Cut From Dating Show Possessed Love (Doc. Viu/Possessed Love) 

Jo Yun A: The Artistic Saju Reader

Jo Yun A uses painting as a medium for her Saju readings, a practice she has been studying for four years. Her innovative approach combines art and spirituality, offering clients a visually engaging way to receive their readings. Jo Yun A’s creative method adds a unique touch to her spiritual practice, making her stand out among her peers.

Jo Yun A

Still Cut From Dating Show Possessed Love (Doc. Viu/Possessed Love) 

Jo Han Na: The Tarot Expert with a Focus on Love and Elections

Jo Han Na has been studying tarot for a year, specializing in readings about love and parliamentary elections. Her ability to offer insights in these specific areas makes her a valuable resource for clients seeking guidance in both personal and political matters. Jo Han Na’s expertise in tarot is both intriguing and specialized, catering to a niche audience.

Jo Han Na

Still Cut From Dating Show Possessed Love (Doc. Viu/Possessed Love) 

Choi Han Na: The Year-Long Tarot Reader

Choi Han Na, like Jo Han Na, uses her spiritual talent to read tarot and has been doing so for the past year. Her focus on tarot readings provides clients with detailed insights and guidance. Despite being relatively new to the field, Choi Han Na’s dedication and skill make her a noteworthy participant on the show.

Choi Han Na

Still Cut From Dating Show Possessed Love (Doc. Viu/Possessed Love)

Insights and Predictions: The Cast’s Interactions

After revealing their professions, the cast members of Possessed Love took turns predicting each other’s futures. Notably, Lee Hong Jo’s prediction caused Choi Han Na to feel anxious and overthink her situation. These interactions highlight the deeply personal and sometimes intense nature of spiritual practices, as the cast navigates their connections and revelations.

Possessed Love not only entertains but also sheds light on the fascinating world of spiritual practitioners. Each cast member brings their unique skills and experiences, enriching the show’s narrative and offering viewers a glimpse into diverse spiritual practices.

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