8 Best Selling Korean Actors Who Often Play Lead Roles in 2024

Top Korean actors leading 2024 with stellar roles in popular dramas and films.
8 Best Selling Korean Actors Who Often Play Lead Roles In 2024

Several actors are poised to dominate the Korean entertainment industry in 2024. Not only are they taking on multiple projects, but the dramas and films they star in are garnering significant public attention and praise. Here are the eight most in-demand actors in 2024, from Lee Do Hyun to Lee Je Hoon!

1. Ju Ji Hoon: The Versatile Star

In 2024, Ju Ji Hoon shines brightly with his roles in the Korean dramas Blood Free, The Trauma Code: Heroes on Call, Light Shop, and the film Project Silence. Ju Ji Hoon’s ability to portray diverse characters makes him a favorite among fans. His performance in Blood Free alone has captivated audiences with its intense storyline and his compelling acting.

Ju Ji Hoon

Still Cuts Drama Blood Free (Instagram.com/Disneyplushotstarid) 

2. Lee Je Hoon: A Leading Man on Both Screens

Lee Je Hoon is not just captivating audiences with his drama Chief Detective 1958, but he is also making waves in the film industry with Escape and Moral Hazard. His versatility and dedication to his roles have solidified his status as a top actor. Chief Detective 1958 has been particularly notable, with its gripping plot and Lee Je Hoon’s powerful performance keeping viewers on the edge of their seats.

Lee Je Hoon

Still Cuts Drama Chief Detective 1958 (Doc. Mbc/ Chief Detective 1958) 

3. Lee Do Hyun: Shining Even in the Military

Despite his military service, Lee Do Hyun has kept his fans engaged with three major works airing in 2024: the film Exhuma, and the series Death’s Game and Sweet Home 3. His ability to deliver powerful performances even from afar is impressive, and Sweet Home 3 has been a standout with its thrilling storyline and Lee Do Hyun’s intense portrayal of his character.

Lee Do Hyun

Still Cuts From The Film Exhuma (Instagram.com/Showbox.movie) 

4. Park Ji Hoon: The Heartthrob of the Year

Park Ji Hoon is winning hearts with his roles in the dramas Love Song for Illusion, Weak Hero Class 2, and the film Beautiful Audrey. His charm and acting skills have made him a beloved figure in the industry. Love Song for Illusion has particularly showcased his range, moving audiences with its emotional depth and Park Ji Hoon’s heartfelt performance.

Park Ji Hoon

Still Cuts Drama Love Song For Illusion (Instagram.com/Kbsdrama) 

5. Song Kang: The Return of the Favorite

Song Kang returns to the spotlight with My Demon and the highly anticipated Sweet Home 3 on Netflix. His ability to captivate viewers with his unique charm and intense acting has made him a favorite among drama fans. My Demon has been particularly well-received, with Song Kang’s portrayal of complex emotions earning him widespread acclaim.

Song Kang

Still Cuts Drama Sweet Home 2 (Instagram.com/Netflixkr) 

6. Moon Sang Min: The Rising Star

Moon Sang Min is set to star in the upcoming dramas Wedding Impossible and Cinderella at 2 AM. His fresh energy and dynamic acting style are quickly making him one of the most exciting new talents in the industry. Fans are eagerly awaiting his performances, anticipating another round of memorable and engaging roles.

Moon Sang Min

Still Cuts From The Drama Wedding Impossible (Instagram.com/Tvn_Drama) 

7. Kwon Yul: Contrasting Characters

Kwon Yul has been impressing audiences with his contrasting roles in Connection and My Sweet Mobster. His ability to seamlessly transition between different characters has showcased his versatility as an actor. Both dramas have highlighted his talent, with fans praising his nuanced performances.

Kwon Yul

Still Cuts Drama Connection (Instagram.com/Sbsdrama.official) 

8. Lee Jung Ha: The Comeback Queen

Lee Jung Ha makes a triumphant return with her role as Goo Han Soo in The Auditors and her big screen debut in the film Victory. Her performances have been nothing short of spectacular, and fans are thrilled to see her back in action. The Auditors has particularly stood out, with Lee Jung Ha’s powerful portrayal of her character earning her critical acclaim.

Lee Jung Ha

Still Cuts Drama The Auditors (Instagram.com/Tvn_Drama) 

All eight actors have delivered stunning performances despite their tight shooting schedules. It’s no wonder fans are satisfied with the projects presented by these talented stars. So, who is your favorite actor among them?

In my opinion, the diversity in their roles and their ability to deliver consistent, high-quality performances make these actors truly remarkable. Whether it’s through intense dramas or captivating films, they continue to elevate the Korean entertainment industry, making 2024 an exciting year for K-drama and film enthusiasts.

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