7 Things About Li Qin in Joy of Life Season 2

Discover 7 fascinating facts about Li Qin in Joy of Life Season 2! From her Kunqu Opera roots to her on-screen chemistry with Xiao Zhan, get to know this talented actress.
7 Things About Li Qin In Joy Of Life Season 2

Joy of Life Season 2 has captivated audiences with its thrilling storyline and stellar cast. One actress who stands out is Li Qin, whose performance has been nothing short of spectacular. Here are seven intriguing facts about Li Qin that highlight her journey in the entertainment industry and her role in Joy of Life Season 2.

Born as a Kunqu Opera Actor

Li Qin’s roots in the performing arts run deep. Born in September 1990 in Bacheng Town, Kunshan City, Jiangsu Province, she began Kunqu Opera training at the tender age of 11. By 2003, she had made her stage debut and won the Golden Flower Award for her role as “Du Liniang” in The Peony Pavilion: Garden Tour. Her talent led her to the Shanghai Theater Academy, where she became the fifth generation “Du Liniang”. This classical training laid a solid foundation for her acting career.

Li Qin As A Kunqu Opera Actor

Image source: Weibo

Her Breakthrough as “Xue Baochai” in A Dream of Red Mansions

In 2008, while still a student at the Shanghai Theatre Academy, Li Qin caught the eye of the crew of A Dream of Red Mansions. Despite initial resistance from her parents, director Li Shaohong insisted on casting her as “Xue Baochai”. Her performance earned her the Golden South Annual Best Newcomer Award and a nomination for the Hundred Flowers Award for Best Newcomer. This role marked the beginning of her ascent in the acting world.

Li Qin In A Dream Of Red Mansions

Image source: Weibo

The “Most Beautiful Concubine” in Ruyi’s Royal Love in the Palace

Li Qin’s portrayal of “Han Xiangjian” in Ruyi’s Royal Love in the Palace was a defining moment in her career. Known as the Fragrant Concubine, her character’s grace and elegance earned her the title of “the most beautiful Fragrant Concubine”. Although not the main character, her performance captivated many fans and solidified her status as a talented actress.

Li Qin In Ruyi'S Royal Love In The Palace

Image source: Weibo @Ruyi’s Royal Love in the Palace

Sparks with Xiao Zhan

Li Qin and Xiao Zhan’s on-screen chemistry has been a hot topic among fans. They first collaborated in Fights Break Sphere, followed by Zhu Xian I, where their synergy was undeniable. Their fifth collaboration in The Sea in My Dreams created a buzz, showcasing their remarkable understanding of each other’s acting styles. Their partnership continued in Joy of Life and The Wolf, where Xiao Zhan’s popularity soared, partly due to their compelling performances together.

Li Qin And Xiao Zhan

Image source: Weibo @The Sea in My Dream

Yang Yang’s Only “First Love Girlfriend”

Li Qin holds a special place in Yang Yang’s heart as his only publicly acknowledged “first love girlfriend”. Their real-life chemistry translated beautifully on-screen, adding a layer of authenticity to their performances. This unique connection has made their collaborations particularly memorable for fans.

Li Qin And Yang Yang

Image source: Weibo @Celebrating More Than Years

Over 200 Episodes in Kuyun

Li Qin made history in 2023 by becoming the first actor with more than 200 episodes in Kuyun. This achievement is a testament to her dedication and versatility as an actress. Her ability to bring characters to life across a wide range of genres and roles has earned her a loyal following.

Struggles with Popularity Despite Talent

Despite her impressive resume and undeniable talent, Li Qin has faced challenges in achieving widespread popularity. While she is highly regarded within the industry and among fans, she has not yet reached the same level of fame as some of her contemporaries. However, her consistent performances and dedication to her craft suggest that her time in the spotlight is far from over.

My Take on Li Qin’s Journey

Li Qin’s journey is a testament to her resilience and passion for the performing arts. From her roots in Kunqu Opera to her breakthrough roles in television dramas, she has demonstrated a remarkable range and depth in her acting. While she may not be the most famous actress in the industry, her talent and hard work are undeniable. Watching her in Joy of Life Season 2, it’s clear that she brings a unique blend of grace and strength to her roles, making her a standout performer.

In conclusion, Li Qin’s story is one of perseverance and talent. Her contributions to Joy of Life Season 2 and her impressive body of work make her an actress worth watching. As she continues to take on new challenges and roles, we can only expect more stellar performances from her in the future.

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