7 Signs Ko Won Is Suffering from PTSD in Miss Night and Day: Often Anxious

Ko Won's PTSD symptoms highlight his battle with anxiety and trauma in Miss Night and Day.
7 Signs Ko Won Is Suffering From Ptsd In Miss Night And Day: Often Anxious

Before the drug abuse case that had befallen him had subsided, Ko Won (Baek Seo Hoo) also almost became the victim of an acid attack in Miss Night and Day. As a result of this stressful incident, Ko Won’s life is always overshadowed by fear. Apart from not being able to live and work in peace, the idol shows symptoms of PTSD (Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder) or mental disorders due to traumatic events that he experienced. What is the evidence that Ko Won suffers from PTSD? Read below to find out!

Haunting Memories

Even though the perpetrator of the crime has been caught, Ko Won’s memories of the attack he experienced often appear and ruin his mood. This is a classic sign of PTSD where traumatic memories intrude on a person’s daily life, causing distress and emotional turmoil. In Ko Won’s case, these memories are not just passing thoughts but vivid recollections that can disrupt his peace and stability.

Ko Won Distressed

Still Cut From Drama Miss Night And Day (Doc. Jtbc/Miss Night And Day) 

Triggered by Black Clothing

Because the perpetrator of the attack was wearing black clothes on the day of the incident, Ko Won is afraid when he sees a man dressed all in black. This shows how specific triggers can cause intense fear and anxiety for PTSD sufferers. For Ko Won, the sight of black clothing is a powerful reminder of the traumatic event, making it difficult for him to feel safe even in everyday situations.

Ko Won Triggered By Black Clothing

Still Cut From Drama Miss Night And Day (Doc. Jtbc/Miss Night And Day) 

Reliance on Antidepressants

Because he was afraid that the perpetrator would return, Ko Won often felt anxious and could only rely on antidepressants to calm himself down. The need for medication to manage his anxiety indicates the severity of his PTSD. This reliance also shows how PTSD can make everyday life feel overwhelming, leading individuals to seek chemical relief to function normally.

Ko Won Using Antidepressants

Still Cut From Drama Miss Night And Day (Doc. Jtbc/Miss Night And Day) 

Feeling Watched and Disoriented

Because he always feels like he is being watched by someone at his new workplace, Ko Won often experiences disorientation and has difficulty thinking clearly. This symptom shows how PTSD can affect cognitive functions, making it hard for sufferers to concentrate and perform tasks. For Ko Won, this constant feeling of being watched adds another layer of stress, complicating his ability to adjust to new environments.

Ko Won Feeling Disoriented

Still Cut From Drama Miss Night And Day (Doc. Jtbc/Miss Night And Day) 

Emotional Aggression

Due to not being able to control his emotions, Ko Won tends to be aggressive towards people around him when he is at his lowest point. This aggression is a common symptom of PTSD, where individuals may lash out due to overwhelming emotions. Ko Won’s aggression indicates his struggle to cope with his internal turmoil, affecting his relationships and social interactions.

Ko Won Showing Aggression

Still Cut From Drama Miss Night And Day (Doc. Jtbc/Miss Night And Day) 

Difficulty Concentrating

Often haunted by traumatic events, Ko Won has difficulty concentrating at the office and cannot do his work properly. This symptom reflects how PTSD can severely impact a person’s professional life. For Ko Won, the inability to concentrate is a significant hindrance, affecting his productivity and adding to his stress.

Ko Won Having Difficulty Concentrating

Still Cut From Drama Miss Night And Day (Doc. Jtbc/Miss Night And Day)

Negative Thoughts and Self-Blame

Instead of feeling relieved after the perpetrator who attacked him was caught, Ko Won actually thought more negatively and started blaming himself. This self-blame is a troubling symptom of PTSD, where sufferers might internalize their trauma and feel responsible for the events. For Ko Won, these negative thoughts can be paralyzing, making recovery even more challenging.

Ko Won With Negative Thoughts

Still Cut From Drama Miss Night And Day (Doc. Jtbc/Miss Night And Day) 

Meanwhile, before being attacked in public, Ko Won had already been under a lot of stress from his job. Will Ko Won be able to overcome the PTSD he is now suffering from? Stay tuned for the continuation of Ko Won’s story in Miss Night and Day.

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