7 Korean Dramas Set in an Airport

Dive into 7 heart-touching Korean dramas set in airports, blending romance and drama.
7 Korean Dramas Set In An Airport

The airport is one of the settings often used in Korean dramas. It carries a lot of emotional weight, symbolizing beginnings, endings, and transitions. Characters start new lives, return home, and often, find love in the midst of bustling terminals. Airports in K-dramas aren’t just mere backdrops; they are integral to the storylines, filled with romantic, dramatic, and poignant moments.

1. On The Way to The Airport (2016)

On The Way To The Airport

Stills From The Airport Scene In The Korean Drama On The Way To The Airport (Vod.kbs.co.kr/) 

For fans of infidelity-themed dramas, On The Way to The Airport is a must-watch. Starring Kim Ha Neul and Lee Sang Yoon, it tells the story of Choi Soo Ah, a senior flight attendant, and Seo Do Woo. They meet on a flight and form a bond that turns into romance, despite both being married. The drama explores the complexities of their relationships and the emotional turmoil of their affair. Can their love survive the challenges they face?


Where to Watch: KBS2

2. Where Stars Land (2018)

Where Stars Land

Korean Drama Poster Where Stars Land (Programs.sbs.co.kr) 

Where Stars Land offers a sweet yet touching story set in an airport. Soo Yeon (Lee Je Hoon) and Yeo Reum (Chae Soo Bin) are airport employees with contrasting personalities. Soo Yeon is cold and mysterious, which intrigues Yeo Reum. As they work together, Yeo Reum uncovers Soo Yeon’s deep secret, affecting their growing relationship. This drama beautifully showcases the struggles and blossoming romance amidst the hectic airport environment.


  • Lee Je Hoon as Lee Soo Yeon
  • Chae Soo Bin as Han Yeo Reum

Where to Watch: SBS

3. The Beauty Inside (2018)

The Beauty Inside

Stills Of A Scene At The Airport In The Korean Drama The Beauty Inside (Tv.jtbc.co.kr) 

The Korean drama version of The Beauty Inside features Seo Do Jae, an airport director who suffers from face blindness, and Han Se Gye, a top star whose physical appearance changes unpredictably. Their unique conditions lead to an intriguing relationship filled with secrets and challenges. This drama highlights how love can transcend physical appearances and personal hardships, all while the airport serves as a significant setting for their encounters.


Where to Watch: JTBC

4. Sweet Stranger and Me (2016)

Sweet Stranger And Me

Korean Drama Poster Sweet Stranger And Me (Program.kbs.co.kr) 

Sweet Stranger and Me follows Hong Na Ri, a senior flight attendant dealing with her mother’s death and her fiancé’s infidelity. Her life takes an unexpected turn when she meets Go Nan Gil, a young man claiming to have married her mother before she passed away. As Na Ri fights to keep her mother’s property, she finds herself falling for Nan Gil. This drama is filled with emotional twists and turns, making it a compelling watch.


Where to Watch: KBS2

5. Take Care of Us, Captain (2012)

Take Care Of Us, Captain

Korean Drama Poster Take Care Of Us, Captain (Programs.sbs.co.kr) 

Take Care of Us, Captain centers on Han Da Jin, a female pilot with dreams of flying despite numerous challenges. Starring Goo Hye Sun, the drama explores Da Jin’s journey to becoming a co-pilot after her mother’s death in a plane crash. Da Jin faces skepticism from her captain and peers but remains determined to succeed. This inspiring story showcases her resilience and dedication in a male-dominated field.


Where to Watch: SBS

6. Should We Kiss First? (2018)

Should We Kiss First

Korean Drama Poster Should We Kiss First (Programs.sbs.co.kr) 

In Should We Kiss First?, Son Moo Han and Ahn Soo Jin meet on a flight amidst personal turmoil. Soo Jin, a flight attendant, and Moo Han, a heartbroken man, share a fleeting romantic connection. Years later, they are reunited through a friend. This drama delves into their journey of overcoming past traumas and finding love again, with the airport playing a pivotal role in their initial meeting and subsequent relationship.


Where to Watch: SBS


Airports in Korean dramas evoke a mix of emotions—sadness, happiness, curiosity, and more. They often mark significant decisions and turning points in the characters’ lives. Whether it’s a heartwarming reunion or a heartbreaking farewell, these settings add depth and meaning to the stories. What’s your favorite Korean drama with an airport scene? Share your thoughts!

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