7 Chinese and Japanese Dramas Starring KPop Idols: From Romance to Action

Check out these must-watch Chinese and Japanese dramas featuring top KPop idols. From sweet romances to gripping action, there's something for every fan!
7 Chinese And Japanese Dramas Starring Kpop Idols: From Romance To Action

The South Korean entertainment industry has become a global phenomenon, and its influence is now spreading to other countries. Many KPop idols are not just conquering the music scene but are also showcasing their acting talents in Chinese and Japanese dramas. Here, we explore seven notable dramas featuring KPop idols, spanning genres from romance to action.

Exclusive Fairytale (2023)

Exclusive Fairytale Exclusive Fairytale which premiered in July 2023, stars Jun from SEVENTEEN and Zhang Miao Yi. This charming drama tells the story of two childhood friends who have opposite personalities. Jun plays Ling Chao, a smart and popular guy, while Zhang Miao Yi plays Xiao Tu, who considers herself Ling Chao’s older sister. Their adorable and intriguing relationship makes this drama a must-watch. Set in a school, Exclusive Fairytale is a 24-episode series that also highlights strong themes of friendship and family.

Sweet Games (2023)

Sweet Games Imagine the surprise of having a former admired college senior become a tenant in your house. This is the premise of Sweet Games, starring Winwin from NCT and He Hong Shan. The story revolves around An Ran, an entrepreneur striving for success, and Yan Yue, a once popular voice actor hiding his identity. This 24-episode series, also known as 25 Hours of Love, explores the evolving relationship between An Ran and Yan Yue over a decade.

Crime Crackdown (2021)

Crime Crackdown For those who prefer action-packed dramas, Crime Crackdown starring EXO’s Lay Zhang is a perfect choice. Unlike the previous romance-focused dramas, Crime Crackdown dives into the world of crime, mystery, and politics. Lay Zhang plays Lin Hao, who collaborates with Li Cheng Yang and He Yong to dismantle two criminal groups that have dominated Zhongjiang City for over a decade. This drama is filled with intense plots and impressive action scenes.

More Dramas to Explore

Dear Archimedes (TBA)

Dear Archimedes Dear Archimedes is a highly anticipated drama featuring Sehun from EXO and Xu Ling Yue. Despite being filmed since 2017, its release date remains a mystery. Sehun plays Yan Su, a genius logician living in an isolated castle. He encounters Zhen Ai, a biologist who helps him decode secret messages. With 30 episodes rumored, fans eagerly await its release.

Final Life (2017)

Final Life Final Life, starring Taemin from SHINee, is a gripping action-thriller. Taemin portrays Song Shi On, a brilliant medical school graduate who loses his memory due to a brain experiment. He teams up with Kawakubo Ryo, a special detective, to solve complex cases. This 12-episode drama combines thriller, mystery, and psychological elements, showcasing Taemin’s versatile acting skills.

Play It Cool, Guys (2023)

Play It Cool, Guys In Play It Cool, Guys, Yuta from NCT joins Fujioka Maito, Sakurada Dori, and Kawanishi Takumi. This live-action adaptation of the Japanese web manga Cool Doji Danshi follows the daily lives of four clumsy individuals. The drama, filled with humor and anxiety-filled moments, offers a light-hearted yet engaging watch.

Spring Has Come (2018)

Spring Has Come Kai from EXO stars in Spring Has Come, a heartwarming Japanese drama. Kai plays Lee Ji Won, a South Korean cameraman who develops a relationship with Kishikawa Naoko, portrayed by Kurashina Kana. The drama not only explores their romantic relationship but also delves into family dynamics, making it a touching series.

These seven dramas highlight the versatility and talent of KPop idols beyond the music stage. Whether you’re a fan of romance, action, or mystery, there’s a drama here for you to enjoy. Have you watched any of these yet? Let us know your favorites!

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