6 Must-Watch Korean Dating Shows on VIU, Including Some for Astrology Fans

Check out 6 unique Korean dating shows on VIU, from ex-lovers living together to astrologers seeking love. Add these to your watchlist now!
6 Must-Watch Korean Dating Shows On Viu, Including Some For Astrology Fans

Korean reality TV shows excel in delivering captivating content, especially dating shows. These programs invite participants to find love, each bringing a unique twist to keep the audience hooked. From living with an ex to special events for fortune tellers, there’s always something fresh and exciting. Let’s explore the top six Korean dating shows available on VIU.

Possessed Love (2024)

Possessed Love

Possessed Love stands out with its intriguing concept, focusing on young fortune tellers. Hosted by Shin Dong Yeob, Yoo In Na, Gabee, and Yoo Seon Ho, this show debuted on June 18, 2024. Eight fortune tellers live together for a week, using their mystical skills to discover their romantic destinies. It’s fascinating to see how these individuals navigate their journey to find true love through their unique abilities. The show is currently airing and available on VIU.

EXchange 2 and 3 (2022 – 2024)


Also known as Transit Love, EXchange is one of Korea’s most popular dating shows. This series has a unique premise where several pairs of ex-partners live together for three weeks. The twist? They don’t know each other’s exes. Throughout the show, they get to know one another and date, ultimately deciding whether to rekindle their old flame or start a new relationship. The emotional rollercoaster and unexpected connections make EXchange a thrilling watch. The series has 15 episodes per season and can be streamed on TVING.

My Sibling’s Romance (2024)

My Sibling'S Romance

Created by Lee Jin Joo, who also produced the first two seasons of EXchange, My Sibling’s Romance offers a fresh perspective on dating shows. Participants are paired siblings who live together for three weeks and help each other find love. The show not only highlights the romantic journey but also delves into the dynamics of sibling relationships. It’s heartwarming to see brothers and sisters supporting each other in their quest for love. The show is available on JTBC and VIU.

Love Catcher in Bali (2022)

Love Catcher In Bali

Love Catcher in Bali is the latest season of the Love Catcher series, which has been captivating audiences since 2018. Set against the picturesque backdrop of Bali, ten participants live together for eight days. They are split into two groups: Love Catchers, who are there to find true love, and Money Catchers, who are in it for a cash prize. The challenge lies in identifying who’s genuine and who’s not. This show’s blend of romance and strategy makes it an intriguing and entertaining experience. It’s available on tvN.

The Skip Dating (2022)

The Skip Dating

The Skip Dating caters to busy young professionals who struggle to find time for love. Hosted by Yoo Jae Suk, Nucksal, and Jeon So Min, this show features different participants in each of its 11 episodes. In each episode, four couples go on blind dates that last just one day. They can show interest by pressing the heart button or skip by pressing the skip button. This fast-paced format keeps viewers engaged and rooting for their favorite couples. You can watch it on tvN.

Between Love and Friendship (2022)

Between Love And Friendship

Between Love and Friendship puts the bonds of friendship to the test. This show features two groups of friends—four men and four women—who go on a trip and stay together for a week. During this time, romantic feelings start to emerge, often creating tension and drama. The participants must choose between pursuing love or maintaining their friendships. The show’s emotional depth and genuine interactions make it a compelling watch. It’s available on VIU.

These six Korean dating shows on VIU offer a variety of concepts, each bringing something unique to the table. Whether you’re intrigued by fortune tellers, ex-lovers, sibling dynamics, or the tension between love and friendship, there’s something for everyone. Add these shows to your watchlist for a blend of romance, drama, and entertainment.

For those seeking a break from routine, these shows provide a perfect escape into the world of love and relationships. So, grab your popcorn and get ready to binge-watch these captivating dating shows!

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