6 Korean Dramas to Air in July 2024, Rain’s Acting Comeback!

July 2024 K-dramas: Rain's return, legal battles, romance, and thrilling stories await!
6 Korean Dramas To Air In July 2024, Rain’S Acting Comeback!

July 2024 is set to be an exciting month for K-drama fans, with a variety of new shows premiering across different genres. This month promises action, romance, legal battles, and even dark thrillers, offering something for everyone. Notably, Rain makes his acting comeback after two years, which is sure to be a highlight for many viewers. Let’s delve into the top six Korean dramas you should look out for this July!

1. Red Swan

Red Swan pairs Kim Ha Neul and Rain in an action-packed drama premiering on July 3, 2024, on Disney+. Kim Ha Neul plays Oh Wan Soo, a world-class golfer who marries into the wealthy Hwain Group, aiming for a perfect upper-class life. However, her seemingly perfect life is disrupted by dark secrets within the family, which she uncovers with the help of her new bodyguard, Seo Do Yoon (Rain), a martial arts expert with his own hidden motives. The cast also includes Jung Gyu Woon, Seo Yi Sook, and Ki Eun Se.

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2. The Auditors

The Auditors, directed by Kwon Young Il, is set to premiere on July 6, 2024, on tvN. The drama stars Shin Ha Kyun as Shin Cha Il, a stern audit team leader, and Lee Jung Ha as Goo Han Soo, a new team member aiming to transfer to the company’s Florida branch. Together, they uncover corruption within JU Construction. This legal drama promises intense corporate battles and character dynamics that keep viewers on edge.

The Auditors

3. Good Partner

Starting July 12, 2024, on SBS, Good Partner is a legal drama featuring Jang Na Ra as Cha Eun Kyung, a seasoned lawyer with 17 years of experience in divorce cases. She meets Han Yu Ri (Nam Ji Hyun), a novice lawyer who has just gone through a divorce. The series explores their professional and personal lives, offering both legal intrigue and emotional depth.

Good Partner

4. Sweet Home 3

The third season of Sweet Home will be available on Netflix from July 19, 2024. This dark thriller continues to explore a world where humans transform into monsters driven by their deepest desires. Key cast members, including Song Kang, Lee Jin Wook, and Lee Si Young, return for this climactic season. Expect intense action and psychological drama as the lines between humans and monsters blur further.

Sweet Home 3

5. Is It Fate?

Is It Fate? is set to premiere on July 22, 2024, on tvN. This romantic drama stars Kim So Hyun as Lee Hong Joo, an animation producer traumatized by past love, and Chae Jong Hyeop as Kang Hoo Young, a financial planner and her first love. Adapted from a popular webtoon, this series promises heartfelt moments and strong chemistry between the leads as they navigate love and dreams.

Is It Fate?

6. No Way Out: The Roulette

Premiering on July 31, 2024, on U+ Mobile TV, No Way Out: The Roulette features a star-studded cast including Cho Jin Woong, Yoo Jae Myung, and Yeom Jung Ah. The story revolves around a criminal, Kim Kook Ho (Yoo Jae Myung), released from prison and hunted by the public for a bounty. Detective Baek Joong Sik (Cho Jin Woong) is tasked with protecting him, leading to intense action and suspense.

No Way Out: The Roulette

Final Thoughts

With such a diverse lineup, July 2024 is sure to be a thrilling month for K-drama fans. Whether you’re in the mood for action, romance, legal drama, or dark thrillers, there’s something for everyone. Personally, I’m most excited about Red Swan due to Rain’s comeback and the intriguing plot twists. Which drama are you most looking forward to? Let us know in the comments!

By staying tuned to these recommendations, you’ll be ready for an entertaining July filled with captivating stories and stellar performances. Don’t miss out on these must-watch dramas!

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