5 Tips to Build Popularity from Im Sun in Korean Drama Miss Night and Day

Im Sun’s secrets to workplace popularity from Miss Night and Day.
5 Tips To Build Popularity From Im Sun In Korean Drama Miss Night And Day

Im Sun, played by Lee Jung Eun in the Korean drama Miss Night and Day, has become a popular figure since her internship at the Seohan District Prosecutor’s Office. Known for her cheerful and sociable nature, Im Sun even managed to warm the heart of the notoriously cold prosecutor, Gye Ji Ung (Choi Jin Hyuk).

Her popularity and career growth to the position of office assistant were achieved through hard work and a positive attitude. Here are five tips from Im Sun’s journey in Miss Night and Day on how to build popularity.

1. Have Good Interpersonal Skills

Im Sun Being Friendly With Colleagues

Korean Drama Miss Night And Day Stills (Doc. Jtbc/Miss Night And Day) 

One of Im Sun’s greatest assets is her excellent interpersonal skills. From the moment she started working, she has been easygoing and friendly with everyone, especially in the workplace. Her cheerful demeanor is infectious, making even her idol classmate Ko Won (Baek Seo Hoo) want to be friends with her. Im Sun’s young spirit and enthusiasm make her relatable and likable, regardless of her age.

2. Total Commitment to Work

Im Sun Working Diligently

Korean Drama Miss Night And Day Stills (Doc. Jtbc/Miss Night And Day) 

Im Sun’s determination to work hard has been evident from the start. Despite her initial doubts about being accepted due to her age, she never let that hold her back. When tested by Gye Ji Ung and Joo Byung Duk (Yoon Byung Hee), she exceeded their expectations by completing the special test without complaints. Her dedication to her job, even as an intern, showcases her commitment and resilience.

3. Adapt Quickly to New Environments

Im Sun Adapting To Her New Work Environment

Korean Drama Miss Night And Day Stills (Doc. Jtbc/Miss Night And Day) 

Im Sun’s ability to adapt quickly to new environments has played a crucial role in her popularity. On her first day at work, she enthusiastically embraced her new role and built good working relationships with her fellow interns. By ignoring negative thoughts and focusing on the positive aspects of her job, she quickly integrated herself into the Seohan District Prosecutor’s Office team.

4. Show Your Unique Side but Stay True to Yourself

Im Sun Showing Her Unique Side

Korean Drama Miss Night And Day Stills (Doc. Jtbc/Miss Night And Day) 

Everyone has unique qualities that set them apart from others. Im Sun embraces her uniqueness and confidently showcases her abilities. Her self-assured attitude during the interview session helped her achieve the highest score, boosting her popularity.

5. Have an Attractive Appearance

Im Sun With Her Attractive Appearance

Korean Drama Miss Night And Day Stills (Doc. Jtbc/Miss Night And Day) 

Although Im Sun appears to be in her 50s, she is known for her youthful spirit. She can adapt her appearance as needed, from her eccentric morning dance routines as a janitor to her polished look as an office assistant. Her ability to adjust her appearance for different roles, including undercover work, demonstrates her versatility and contributes to her popularity.

Building popularity in the workplace is possible, even for someone like Im Sun, who appears to be older. Her persistence and positive attitude have made her a beloved character in Miss Night and Day, showcasing that hard work and authenticity can lead to success.

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