5 Sublime Entertainment Artists’ Acting Projects in 2024, Including Red Swan

5 must-watch Sublime Entertainment projects in 2024, featuring top artists and gripping stories.
5 Sublime Entertainment Artists’ Acting Projects In 2024, Including Red Swan

Sublime Entertainment has truly captivated fans in 2024 with its impressive roster of artists and their diverse acting projects. From gripping dramas to lighthearted rom-coms, these projects are already making waves in the entertainment industry. Some have already been aired, while others are eagerly awaited by fans. Let’s dive into five standout projects featuring Sublime Entertainment artists this year.

Uncle Samsik: A Journey of Ambition and Friendship

Uncle Samsik Uncle Samsik tells the story of the ambition of a young man who wants to bring prosperity to his country. Carrying the genre politics set in the 1960s, this drama is one you shouldn’t miss.

The story begins with Park Doo Chil (Song Kang Ho) who is often called Uncle Samsik because he never lets people around him starve. He befriends Kim San (Byun Yo Han), a graduate of the South Korean military academy who studied economics in the United States. There, he meets Rachel Jeong (Tiffany Young) who is the director of the Albright Foundation. The two return to South Korea to carry out development there.

The acting collaboration between Song Kang Ho and Tiffany Young as Sublime Entertainment artists is also a refreshing addition to the storyline. Uncle Samsik. Both of them can bring their respective characters to life with chemistry the good one.

Connection: Unraveling Mysteries

Connection Connection tells the story of the mysterious events experienced by Jang Jae Kyung (Ji Sung) as the chief detective in the Narcotics Unit. He is also depicted as a figure who is capable of eradicating drug dealers.

Unfortunately, he was trapped by an unknown figure to become a drug addict. Not long after, he found out that the situation was related to the death of his old friend. Jang Jae Kyung then investigated his high school friendship circle for clues.

In Connection Cho Han Gyeol plays the teenage version of Jang Jae Kyung. He guides the audience to find out how friendship conflicts in high school occur. This is a clue to the cases that are emerging in the present day.

My Sweet Mobster: Love and Redemption

My Sweet Mobster My Sweet Mobster is a drama rom-com with an interesting spice of mystery. Tells the story of a group Gangster who has repented by establishing a meat processing company for former prisoners.

Seo Ji Hwan (Um Tae Goo) as the leader of the group then meets Go Eun Ha (Han Sun Hwa), a content creator who lost her job. The two rely on each other until the seeds of romance grow.

Meanwhile, Shin Su Hyun is known to appear as a cameo in My Sweet Mobster. He plays Officer Song at the Seoul District Prosecutors’ Office.

Victory: A Tale of Passion and Perseverance

Victory Hyeri just joined Sublime Entertainment in early June. She immediately prepared for her latest film project entitled Victory. This film is known to be released on August 14th.

Victory itself has a background in a small village called Geoje in 1999. It tells the story of the life of Pil Sun (Hyeri) who is a high school student who has passion in dancing. He then joined the club cheerleader which name is Millennium Girls.

Red Swan: Intrigue and Scandal

Red Swan Red Swan presents a number of mysteries that occur in a conglomerate family. The story begins with Wan Soo (Kim Ha Neul), a top golfer who successfully marries the successor of the Hwain Group. He then becomes the leader of the foundation and reaps the spotlight through his social programs.

Next, she meets a new bodyguard named Do Yoon (Rain) who has above average martial arts skills. He is also known as a graduate of a top police school. It is predicted that the two will be involved in an illicit relationship that will make the storyline even hotter.

Meanwhile, Ki Eun Se becomes one of the players Red Swan who is under Sublime Entertainment. He will transform into an antagonist named Jang Tae Ra. So, how is Jang Tae Ra’s relationship with the two main characters? Let’s look forward to the continuation in Red Swan.

The five drama titles have indeed garnered a lot of attention so that many are looking forward to their airing. Of course, this also cannot be separated from the best acting quality of Sublime Entertainment artists. So, which one is your favorite?

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