5 Strange Scenes That Are Plot Holes in the Ending of Bitter Sweet Hell

Examining the puzzling plot holes in Bitter Sweet Hell's dramatic conclusion.
5 Strange Scenes That Are Plot Holes In The Ending Of Bitter Sweet Hell

Bitter Sweet Hell wrapped up with its 12th episode on June 29, 2024. The drama, featuring No Yeong Won (Kim Hee Sun) and Hong Sa Kang (Lee Hye Young), concluded with a happy ending, ensuring that the antagonists faced justice. Despite the satisfying conclusion, a few odd scenes stand out as significant plot holes in the final episodes. Here’s a closer look at these moments that left viewers scratching their heads.

1. No Yeong Won Reveals Lee Se Na’s Personal Data at a Press Conference

Kim Hee Sun In Bitter Sweet Hell

In episode 11, No Yeong Won holds a press conference about the controversy surrounding Oh Ji Eun’s (Shin So Yul) confession of ghost surgery for Choi Jae Jin (Kim Nam Hee). Unexpectedly, he reveals Lee Se Na’s personal identity, accusing her of threatening his family and committing murder.

While No Yeong Won’s actions are meant to expose Lee Se Na’s crimes and protect his loved ones, this scene raises several questions. Publicly accusing someone without concrete evidence could have legal repercussions. Furthermore, revealing personal data in such a manner seems unrealistic, given the potential legal and social consequences.

2. No Yeong Won and Hong Sa Kang’s Direct Involvement in the Police Investigation

Lee Hye Young In Bitter Sweet Hell

Another puzzling aspect is the direct involvement of No Yeong Won and Hong Sa Kang in the police investigation. They appear to influence the direction of the investigation significantly. For instance, a detective makes a video call to No Yeong Won during a raid on Moon Tae Oh’s (Jung Gun Joo) residence, and Hong Sa Kang personally meets Moon Tae Oh in the detention center, urging him to confess to Lee Se Na’s crimes.

This level of involvement by civilians in a police investigation is highly unusual and stretches believability. Typically, investigations are handled by law enforcement professionals without such direct input from the victims.

3. Lee Se Na Kidnaps Choi Do Hyun by Herself

Yeonwoo In Bitter Sweet Hell

Lee Se Na, the primary antagonist, is depicted as a cunning and manipulative character. However, she is physically small and slim. In episode 12, she kidnaps Choi Do Hyun (Park Jae Chan) without any help, easily moving his body.

This scene is difficult to believe given her physical stature. It’s hard to imagine her overpowering and moving a grown man without assistance, making this a glaring plot hole.

4. Choi Jae Jin and No Yeong Won Escape Unharmed from a Burning Villa

Kim Hee Sun In Bitter Sweet Hell

In the finale, Lee Se Na sets fire to a villa, choosing to stay inside as it burns. Choi Jae Jin and No Yeong Won are also trapped but manage to escape without a scratch. This scene is particularly jarring as it doesn’t show how they escaped the intense flames. Given the situation, it’s hard to believe they could emerge unscathed.

5. Lee Se Na Can Go Back and Forth into Other People’s Villas

Yeonwoo In Bitter Sweet Hell

Lee Se Na committed several crimes at the villa in Yangpyeong. First, she injured Oh Ji Eun in the opening episode. Then, she killed An Yo Sub and intended to frame No Yeong Won. What’s strange is how freely she moves in and out of the villa, which belongs to Hong Sa Kang. Despite the villa being a crime scene, there’s no police presence, allowing her easy access.

Korean drama Bitter Sweet Hell successfully presents an unpredictable story until the end. The happy ending makes the last episode satisfying, but these unresolved plot holes leave viewers questioning some of the narrative choices.

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