5 Moral Lessons from High School Return of a Gangster

Dive into the moral lessons from High School Return of a Gangster, revealing how actions shape us, the power of forgiveness, and bravery in adversity.
5 Moral Lessons From High School Return Of A Gangster

High School Return of a Gangster is the latest drama from TVING, adapted from a popular webtoon. This action-packed series centers on friendship and tells the story of a gangster named Kim Deuk Pal (Lee Seo Jin) whose spirit finds itself in the body of a teenager named Song Yi Heon (Yoon Chan Young).

Despite its short run of only 8 episodes since its premiere on May 29, 2024, the drama imparts several significant moral lessons. Here are five key takeaways from High School Return of a Gangster that resonate deeply.

High School Return Of A Gangster

1. The Impact of Good and Evil Deeds

People always remember how they are treated by others, whether it is good or bad. This theme is vividly portrayed through the characters of Kim Dong Soo (Won Tae Min) and Han Jong Chul (Ko Dong Ok), subordinates of Kim Deuk Pal. Although they are gangsters, they remain loyal to Kim Deuk Pal because of his kind treatment. When they discover that Song Yi Heon resembles Kim Deuk Pal, they immediately support him, despite being initially ordered to harm him.

Similarly, Kim Deuk Pal, who now inhabits Song Yi Heon’s body, never forgets the cruelty faced by Song Yi Heon from his bullies. This constant remembrance of good and evil deeds highlights the lasting impact our actions can have on others.

High School Return Of A Gangster

2. The Difficulty of Forgiveness

Forgiveness is not easy, even when apologies are offered repeatedly. Song Yi Heon, before his body was taken over by Kim Deuk Pal, was relentlessly bullied by Hong Jae Min (Joo Yoon Chan). Despite Hong Jae Min’s apologies and attempts to make amends, Song Yi Heon finds it hard to forgive him because the trauma from the bullying leaves a lasting impression.

This illustrates that mere words cannot erase the pain inflicted by harmful actions. True repentance involves not only saying sorry but also making significant efforts to rectify the wrongs.

3. The Fun for One Might Be Hell for Another

High School Return Of A Gangster

What seems enjoyable to one person might be a nightmare for another. Hong Jae Min finds pleasure in bullying Song Yi Heon, but for Song Yi Heon, the experience is akin to living in hell. This stark contrast emphasizes the lesson that bullying can never be justified, no matter how fun it seems to the bully.

The show powerfully conveys that while bullies may derive joy from their actions, their victims endure immense suffering and fear.

4. Guilt Should Lead to Good Deeds

High School Return Of A Gangster

Feeling guilty for one’s mistakes should motivate positive actions. Hong Jae Min, after realizing the extent of his wrongdoings, decides to confess his actions publicly and accept the consequences, including being sent to juvenile prison. Similarly, Choi Se Kyung (Bong Jae Hyun), who once dismissed Song Yi Heon’s plea for help, regrets his harsh words and seeks forgiveness.

These instances teach that acknowledging one’s mistakes and making efforts to atone for them through good deeds is a crucial step towards redemption.

5. Face Problems, Don’t Avoid Them

High School Return Of A Gangster

Song Yi Heon initially surrenders to his bullies without fighting back. However, after Kim Deuk Pal inhabits his body, he learns to confront his problems head-on. He gains the courage to stand up to his bullies, ask for help, and even take on part-time work to become more independent.

This transformation underscores the importance of facing challenges bravely rather than avoiding them. It’s a powerful reminder that confronting our problems can lead to personal growth and empowerment.

High School Return of a Gangster may have fewer episodes than other dramas, but it is rich with moral lessons. The journey of teenagers dealing with complex issues and growing into mature individuals is vividly depicted, making this drama a must-watch for those seeking both entertainment and life lessons.

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