5 Dramas That Make Us See New Business Opportunities

Five Korean dramas that inspire new business opportunities and entrepreneurial success.
5 Dramas That Make Us See New Business Opportunities

In today’s world, there are countless business ideas spanning from food and clothing to technology and services. Every business aims to make a profit, which inevitably leads to competition. To succeed, one must be adept at spotting opportunities. If you’re contemplating starting your own business but are uncertain about the direction, these five Korean dramas might offer some inspiration. Let’s dive in!

Start-Up (2020)

5 Korean Dramas That Make Us See New Business Opportunities

Start-Up (Doc. Tvn/Start-Up) 

Technological advancements are accelerating rapidly, creating numerous opportunities in this field. In Start-Up, Nam Do San (Nam Joo Hyuk) founds a tech company called Samsan Tech. He leverages these technological developments to identify opportunities and generate profits. This drama vividly portrays the dynamic and challenging world of tech startups, making it an excellent source of inspiration for aspiring entrepreneurs.

Itaewon Class (2020)

5 Dramas That Make Us See New Business Opportunities

Kdrama Itaewon Class (Doc. Jtbc/Itaewon Class) 

Family background can significantly influence one’s business acumen. This is evident in Itaewon Class, where Park Saeroyi (Park Seo Joon) follows his late father’s footsteps by opening his own restaurant. He finds the right partners, such as Jo Yi Seo (Kim Da Mi), to help him run the business. This drama teaches the importance of perseverance, finding the right team, and staying true to your vision despite numerous challenges.

I’m Not a Robot (2017)

5 Dramas That Make Us See New Business Opportunities

I’M Not A Robot (Doc. Mbc/I’M Not A Robot) 

Economic hardships often drive innovation and resilience. In I’m Not a Robot, Jo Ji Ah (Chae Soo Bin) juggles multiple part-time jobs to support herself. Her creative mind helps her develop unique, multi-purpose products that attract investors. This drama highlights the importance of creativity and persistence in overcoming financial limitations and succeeding in business.

Strongest Deliveryman (2017)

5 Dramas That Make Us See New Business Opportunities

Strongest Deliveryman (Doc. Kbs/Strongest Deliveryman) 

Choi Kang Soo (Go Kyung Pyo) in Strongest Deliveryman is the epitome of tenacity. His ambition to establish his own delivery service company drives him to work tirelessly, even risking his life. This drama showcases the potential in the delivery services market and the importance of mental resilience and hard work in building a successful business.

Entertainer (2016)

5 Korean Dramas That Make Us See New Business Opportunities Entertainer (doc. SBS/Entertainer)

Long experience in a specific industry can spark entrepreneurial ambitions. In Entertainer, Shin Suk Ho (Ji Sung) decides to start his own record label after years in a music company. Despite facing fierce competition, he builds his team from scratch and discovers new talent like Jo Ha Neul (Kang Min Hyuk). This drama underscores the challenges of starting a business in a competitive market and the significance of recognizing and nurturing potential talent.


After watching these five Korean dramas, have you identified a business idea that excites you? Each drama offers valuable lessons and insights into various aspects of entrepreneurship, from tech startups and restaurants to delivery services and entertainment. Remember, every successful business starts with a vision and the determination to bring it to life. Good luck with your entrepreneurial journey!

By exploring the stories in these dramas, we can gain valuable insights and inspiration for our own business ventures. Whether it’s through technological innovation, resilience, or creative solutions to economic challenges, these dramas show that opportunities are everywhere for those who dare to seize them.

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