4 Recommendations for Action Films Starring Lee Je Hoon, Comeback in Escape

Four must-watch Lee Je Hoon action films, showcasing his incredible talent and versatility.
4 Recommendations For Action Films Starring Lee Je Hoon, Comeback In Escape

Lee Je Hoon, a name synonymous with versatility and intense performances, has graced our screens with various memorable roles. After his successful stint in the Korean drama Chief Detective 1958, he’s back with a new action-thriller film titled Escape. As we anticipate his latest performance, let’s look at four must-watch action films starring Lee Je Hoon that showcase his incredible range and talent.

1. Phantom Detective (2016)

Lee Je Hoon In The Film Phantom Detective

Lee Je Hoon In The Film Phantom Detective (Doc. Cj Entertainment/Phantom Detective) 

Phantom Detective is an intriguing story of Hong Gil Dong (Lee Je Hoon), a skilled detective working for an illegal agency. His reputation for catching nearly every target precedes him, except for one elusive figure, Kim Byeong Duk (Park Geun Hyung). Driven by a personal vendetta, as Byeong Duk is believed to have murdered his mother, Gil Dong’s relentless pursuit is fueled by the desire for revenge.

The film takes viewers on a rollercoaster as Gil Dong finally tracks down Byeong Duk’s hiding place, only to find his two grandchildren. This unexpected twist propels Gil Dong into a deeper and more dangerous conflict, involving a group of ruthless gangsters. Phantom Detective is a blend of action, suspense, and emotional depth, making it a standout film in Lee Je Hoon’s career.

2. Time to Hunt (2022)

Lee Je Hoon In The Film Time To Hunt

Lee Je Hoon In The Film Time To Hunt (Doc. Netflix/Time To Hunt) 

Set against a backdrop of economic despair, Time to Hunt follows the story of Joon Suk (Lee Je Hoon), who dreams of escaping his desolate city life. To achieve this, he devises a daring heist with his friends Ki Hoon (Choi Woo Shik), Jang Ho (Ahn Jae Hong), and Sang Soo (Park Jung Min).

The film is a gripping narrative of survival and friendship, as their well-planned robbery leads them into a perilous chase. The antagonist, a mysterious man named Han (Park Hae Soo), brings an additional layer of tension to the plot. This action-packed thriller not only highlights Lee Je Hoon’s acting prowess but also keeps viewers on the edge of their seats.

3. Collectors (2020)

Lee Je Hoon In The Film Collectors

Lee Je Hoon In The Film Collectors (Doc. Cj Entertainment/Collectors) 

Collectors dives into the world of treasure hunting with a thrilling twist. Lee Je Hoon plays Kang Dong Goo, a genius antique robber with sharp intuition. He teams up with Dr. John (Jo Woo Jin), an expert on ancient tomb murals, and Sabdari (Lim Won Hee), a seasoned digger. Together, they plot to steal priceless artifacts from the tomb of an ancient king located in the heart of Seoul.

The heist is orchestrated with the help of a curator named Yoon (Shin Hye Sun), who offers them an irresistible deal. The film is a rollercoaster of suspense and excitement as the team navigates dangerous obstacles and faces high stakes to achieve their goal. Collectors is a testament to Lee Je Hoon’s ability to bring depth and charisma to his roles.

4. Escape (2024)

Lee Je Hoon In The Film Escape

Lee Je Hoon In The Film Escape (Doc. Megabox Plus M/Escape) 

Lee Je Hoon’s latest film, Escape, tells the riveting story of Im Kyu Nam (Lee Je Hoon), a North Korean soldier dreaming of a new life in South Korea. To realize this dream, he must cross the perilous Korean Demilitarized Zone. Hot on his trail is Ri Hyun Sang (Koo Kyo Hwan) from the North Korean State Security Department, who has known Kyu Nam since childhood.

Instead of capturing Kyu Nam, Hyun Sang decides to use him to gain glory by turning him into a hero who caught a defector. This complex relationship unfolds against the backdrop of Kyu Nam’s relentless quest for freedom and Hyun Sang’s conflicting motives. Escape is set to hit South Korean cinemas on July 3, 2024, and Indonesian theaters on July 10, 2024.

Lee Je Hoon’s talent for bringing new characters to life with each film solidifies his reputation as one of South Korea’s finest actors. Don’t miss Escape when it premieres!

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