4 Questions Before the Ending of High School Return of a Gangster

The end of High School Return of a Gangster is near, but many questions remain. Will Yi Heon's soul return? Who is behind Lee Mi Kyung? Find out what fans are asking.
4 Questions Before The Ending Of High School Return Of A Gangster

High School Return of a Gangster (2024) will conclude on Wednesday, June 19th. As we approach the final two episodes, several mysteries remain unresolved, leaving fans eagerly anticipating the answers. Let’s delve into the biggest questions that need answers before this thrilling drama wraps up.

Attention, this article contains spoilers.

Who is the Figure Behind Lee Mi Kyung?

Lee Mi Kyung still cuts drama High School Return of a Gangster (instagram.com/lifetimekorea)

Lee Mi Kyung (Hwang Bo Ra) claims to be a secretary from the Ok Construction family, sent to assist Song Yi Heon (Yoon Chan Young) and his mother. However, her true intentions are far from helpful. Mi Kyung has been plotting crimes to eliminate them, fearing that Yi Heon might become the sole heir to the company. She even collaborates with gangsters to achieve her goals.

Despite her significant role, the identity of the person behind Mi Kyung remains a mystery. Her background is shrouded in secrecy, as her name isn’t listed among the official employees at Ok Construction. Did she act alone, or is there a mastermind pulling the strings?

Will Chairman Bae Appear in the Ending?

Chairman Bae still cuts drama High School Return of a Gangster (instagram.com/lifetimekorea)

Chairman Bae, the elusive head of Ok Construction and Yi Heon’s father, has yet to make an appearance. Yi Heon has been kept hidden to protect Chairman Bae’s reputation, given his existing family and societal status. With Chairman Bae’s wife now seriously ill, Mi Kyung is more determined than ever to remove Yi Heon from the list of potential heirs.

As we approach the finale, viewers are left wondering if Chairman Bae will finally emerge. His appearance could significantly impact the storyline, revealing long-hidden secrets and altering the dynamics within the family.

Will Yi Heon’s Soul Return to His Body?

Yi Heon'S Soul stills cuts from drama High School Return of a Gangster (instagram.com/official_jopog)

One of the most intriguing aspects of High School Return of a Gangster is the soul swap between Kim Deuk Pal (Lee Seo Jin) and Yi Heon. Deuk Pal’s soul inhabits Yi Heon’s body, while Yi Heon’s soul is trapped in his subconscious. As Deuk Pal lives Yi Heon’s life, the real Yi Heon is powerless.

The burning question is whether Yi Heon’s soul will return to his body. If he does, what happens to Deuk Pal’s soul, considering his real body is buried? Moreover, how will Yi Heon adjust to life after Deuk Pal’s influence? The resolution of this supernatural twist is highly anticipated.

Does Choi Se Kyung Still Suffer from Her Father’s Violence?

Choi Se Kyung still cuts drama High School Return of a Gangster (instagram.com/official_jopog)

Choi Se Kyung (Bong Jae Hyun) has endured severe abuse from her father, which has only worsened over time. By the sixth episode, her situation drives her to run away, seeking refuge with Yi Heon. Her father, upon discovering her whereabouts, threatens to report Yi Heon to the School Committee.

As the series nears its conclusion, will Se Kyung’s father recognize the impact of his violence? What will happen to Yi Heon if he faces repercussions for helping Se Kyung? The answers to these questions are crucial to understanding the fates of these characters.

These pressing questions will hopefully be answered in the final episodes of High School Return of a Gangster. Whether they lead to satisfying conclusions or remain plot holes, fans are in for an intense and emotional ride. Don’t miss the dramatic end to this captivating story!

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