4 Korean Actors Feel Guilty When Kissing Their Co-Stars

Korean actors discuss guilt and professionalism in on-screen kissing scenes.
4 Korean Actors Feel Guilty When Kissing Their Co-Stars

Feeling guilty when doing a kissing scene is quite common for South Korean actors. Anxiety about making their co-stars uncomfortable and feeling inferior about their kissing abilities are the reasons. Even so, they still try to do it professionally.

Here are a number of Korean actors who have expressed their guilt regarding kissing scenes in their acting projects. The feeling is indeed human, especially since they did it with the comfort of their co-stars in mind while filming. Let’s take a look!

Lee Min Ho’s Unsettling Experience

Through a press conference, Park Shin Hye revealed that she was shocked when filming the kiss scene with Lee Min Ho in the drama The Heirs (2013). Because he didn’t have much experience in doing this scene in other previous projects, Lee Min Ho felt a bit anxious. Even so, he was grateful that the scene could be completed in one shot.

Lee Min Ho also discussed the scene in an interview with Daily Sports in 2013. According to him, the kiss scene needed to be done in a real way because it showed the culmination of various events and emotions in the drama. However, he felt guilty because it turned out that Park Shin Hye had only been told by the director to do the kiss scene right before filming started.

Lee Min Ho

Lee Min Ho (Instagram.com/Myment_Official) 

Yoon Shi Yoon’s Apology

In an interview, Yoon Shi Yoon admitted that he was actually not confident in doing kissing scenes in dramas like Grand Prince (2018). He felt that it was the skills of the director and drama crew that made him look good at kissing on camera. He also apologized to Jin Se Yeon because he felt his kissing skills were bad.

Jin Se Yeon admitted that the filming of the kissing scene began when she and Yoon Shi Yoon were not close yet, so it felt awkward for them. However, after it was finished, they joked with each other about the scene. The actress actually hopes that her co-star does not feel guilty about their kissing scene.

Yoon Shi Yoon

Yoon Shi Yoon (Instagram.com/Moa_Ent) 

Chansung 2PM’s Reluctance

At an event in 2023, Chansung admitted that he was grateful because Hyelim was the person who shot the kiss scene with him in the film Hong Kong Within Me (2023). He was more relieved because he thought the scene would be easier for him if he did it with someone he already knew well. Coincidentally, both of them were under the same agency, JYP Entertainment.

However, Hyelim told Chansung that she had never filmed a kiss scene before. Chansung also apologized to his co-star because he was the one who was her first kissing partner. He thinks Hyelim may have had certain expectations when filming her first kiss scene, even though they were just acting.

Chansung 2Pm

Chansung 2Pm (Instagram.com/Hwang_Chan222) 

Park Sung Woong’s Concerns

At a press conference, Park Sung Woong admitted that he felt guilty because Seo Ji Hye got her first romantic acting project with him in a film. The Wild (2023). He constantly apologized to his co-star while filming because he felt that Seo Ji Hye should have done her first kiss scene with a younger actor instead of him, who is already 50 years old.

Park Sung Woong also said that they had to kiss on the first day of filming and were not close to each other. He felt that the director was going too far because of that. However, he also considered that the awkwardness shown in the scene was actually quite appropriate for expressing their first kiss in the film.

Park Sung Woong

Park Sung Woong (Instagram.com/Cjes.tagram) 

Meanwhile, Seo Ji Hye thought Park Sung Woong’s anxious expression before the kiss scene at their first meeting was quite charming. The actress was grateful because the actor also gave her a lot of useful advice. For him, the experience of shooting the film will be an unforgettable moment.

The Korean actors above still tried to show their totality in the kissing scene, even though their feelings of guilt gave them doubts. This proves that they also think about their co-star’s feelings when filming together. After all, they and their co-stars are colleagues who need to understand each other when the filming process takes place.

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