4 Actors Who Almost Missed Out on Iconic Roles

Four actors, including Li Xiaoran and Wu Qilong, almost missed iconic roles in TV dramas. Learn about their challenges and how they turned them into standout performances.
4 Actors Who Almost Missed Out On Iconic Roles

There are many memorable roles in TV series, where actors bring characters to life and create unforgettable performances. However, some actors almost missed out on these roles that defined their careers. Here are four actors who nearly passed on popular roles, including Li Xiaoran, who initially rejected Joy of Life three times, and Wu Qilong, who turned down Startling by Each Step because he didn’t want to shave his head.

Li Xiaoran: Almost Passed on Joy of Life

Li Xiaoran In Joy Of Life

Li Xiaoran actually turned down the role in Joy of Life three times before finally accepting it. Known for portraying positive and somewhat weak characters, Li Xiaoran was hesitant to play the vicious princess in Joy of Life. Her initial refusal was not due to the character being a villain but because she felt the character lacked depth and motivation, appearing bad for no reason.

However, after the producer had a two-hour conversation with her and promised to add scenes that made the character more well-rounded, Li Xiaoran agreed to take on the role. Her portrayal became one of the standout performances in the series, showcasing her superb acting skills and making the character memorable.

Opinion: It’s fascinating to see how close we came to missing out on Li Xiaoran’s incredible performance in Joy of Life. Her initial concerns about the character’s depth were valid, and it’s a testament to her dedication that she only accepted the role after ensuring it would be more dimensional. This decision ultimately paid off, enhancing both the character and the show.

Jing Tian: Overcoming Personal Struggles for Sito

Jing Tian In Sito

Jing Tian almost didn’t take on the role of Sito, which marked a significant comeback for her. Initially, both Song Yi and Jing Tian were considered for the role. Song Yi hesitated too long and missed the opportunity, while Jing Tian almost gave up due to personal issues.

Jing Tian had not filmed for nearly two years before Sito due to personal and relationship problems that made her feel suffocated. She feared she couldn’t handle the pressure of a popular script and almost retreated. However, after much persuasion from her team, she took on the role and delivered a performance that rejuvenated her career. Her portrayal of the “Queen of Arrogance” in Sito won over audiences and critics alike, proving her resilience and talent.

Opinion: Jing Tian’s journey to taking on Sito is truly inspiring. Overcoming personal hardships and self-doubt to deliver such a powerful performance shows immense strength and dedication. Her success story with Sito is a reminder of the importance of perseverance and believing in one’s abilities.

Wu Qilong: The Reluctant Qing Dynasty Hero

Wu Qilong In Startling By Each Step

The casting of Startling by Each Step saw many twists and turns. Wu Qilong initially refused the role because he didn’t want to shave his head, a requirement for playing a character in a Qing Dynasty drama. This concern was not just about vanity; shaving his head would have impacted his other work opportunities and appearances.

Despite his initial refusal, the director persisted, promising to find the best wigmaker from Hong Kong to ensure Wu Qilong’s other engagements wouldn’t be affected. Convinced by the director’s efforts and after reading the script, Wu Qilong eventually accepted the role. His performance in Startling by Each Step became a defining moment in his career, bringing him widespread acclaim and even introducing him to his future wife, Liu Shishi.

Opinion: Wu Qilong’s hesitance to take on the role in Startling by Each Step highlights the complexities actors face when balancing career opportunities. It’s a good thing the director was persistent, as Wu Qilong’s performance not only elevated the show but also marked a significant point in his personal and professional life. His portrayal remains iconic, and the story behind his acceptance adds depth to his dedication as an actor.

Bai Lu: From Auditioning for a Supporting Role to Leading Swagger

Bai Lu In Swagger

Bai Lu originally auditioned for the supporting role of Qin Zhiyan in Swagger. At the time, she was relatively unknown and never thought she could land the lead role. However, after reading the original novel, she fell in love with the heroine’s character and decided to pursue it.

Her determination paid off when the producers saw her potential and cast her as the lead. Bai Lu’s portrayal of Zhao Yao, an anti-routine heroine who is both flamboyant and endearing, captivated audiences and solidified her place in the industry.

Opinion: Bai Lu’s story is a powerful example of how taking risks and fighting for what you believe in can lead to unexpected and rewarding opportunities. Her journey from a hopeful auditionee to the star of Swagger is both inspiring and a testament to her talent and determination.

These stories highlight the unpredictable nature of casting in TV dramas and how close some of our favorite actors came to missing out on roles that have since defined their careers. Each of these actors faced unique challenges and made tough decisions, ultimately enriching the characters they portrayed and the shows they starred in.

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