3 Upcoming Korean Films Remade from Taiwanese Romantic Films

Anticipated Korean remakes of Taiwanese romantic films, starring KPop idols and renowned actors. Check out Secret: Untold Melody, Hear Me: Our Summer, and You Are the Apple of My Eye.
3 Upcoming Korean Films Remade From Taiwanese Romantic Films

Taiwan has produced many romantic films that are loved globally. It’s not uncommon for these films to be remade in other countries. In the South Korean film industry, there are three upcoming films that are remakes of Taiwanese hits. These films feature well-known actors and KPop idols, making them highly anticipated. Let’s dive into the details of these exciting projects!

1. Secret: Untold Melody

Secret: Untold Melody

Trailer For The Film Secret: Untold Melody (Doc. Solaire Partners/Secret: Untold Melody)

Secret: Untold Melody stars DO (EXO), Won Jin Ah, and Shin Ye Eun. This film is a remake of the 2007 Taiwanese film Secret. Directed by Seo Yu Min, who also directed Recalled (2019), this Korean version presents characters of different ages than the original. Instead of an arts high school, the setting is a music college. DO will reprise Jay Chou’s role, Won Jin Ah will take on Gwei Lun Mei’s character, and Shin Ye Eun will play Alice Tzeng’s role.

The story begins when Yoo Joon (DO), a genius pianist, meets Jung Ah (Won Jin Ah), who plays mysterious music in an old practice room on their campus. The film’s shooting wrapped up in January 2022, but its official release date remains unannounced. The anticipation surrounding this film is immense, especially considering the star-studded cast and the timeless appeal of the original.

2. Hear Me: Our Summer

Hear Me: Our Summer

Trailer For The Film Hear Me: Our Summer (Doc. Movierock/Hear Me: Our Summer)

Hear Me: Our Summer is a remake of the 2009 film Hear Me, directed and written by Fenfen Cheng. The Korean version features Hong Kyung, Roh Yoon Seo, and Kim Min Ju in the main roles, originally played by Eddie Peng, Ivy Chen, and Yanxi Chen.

The story revolves around Yong Joon (Hong Kyung), who falls in love with Yeo Reum (Roh Yoon Seo) at first sight. He meets her while delivering lunch boxes from his parents’ shop to the swimming pool. Yeo Reum, who is deaf and learning sign language, has devoted her life to her sister Ga Eul (Kim Min Ju), a deaf swimmer. Yeo Reum works part-time to cover her sister’s training costs, often skipping meals. Yong Joon’s persistent efforts to bring her lunch eventually warm Yeo Reum’s heart.

The themes of love and perseverance in this story are touching, and the dynamic between the characters is bound to resonate with audiences. Hear Me: Our Summer promises to be a heartfelt adaptation that honors the spirit of the original while bringing a fresh perspective.

3. You Are the Apple of My Eye

You Are The Apple Of My Eye

Trailer For The Film You Are The Apple Of My Eye (Instagram.com/Studiotake_)

TWICE’s Dahyun is set to make her mark in the acting world with You Are the Apple of My Eye. This film, which began shooting in early June, is a remake of the 2011 Taiwanese film of the same name. Dahyun plays Seon Ah, the Korean version of Shen Chia Yi (Michelle Chen). Seon Ah is a model student who inevitably has to deal with the troublemaker Jin Woo (Jung Jinyoung), who corresponds to Ko Ching Teng (Chen Tung Ko) in the original.

The combination of Dahyun and Jinyoung has already generated a lot of buzz. Fans are excited to see Dahyun transition from idol to actress, especially in a beloved story like this one. You Are the Apple of My Eye explores themes of youth and first love, making it a relatable and nostalgic watch.

These three films highlight the trend of remaking successful Taiwanese romances for a Korean audience. The blend of familiar stories with a fresh cast and setting is sure to attract both old fans and new viewers. Keep an eye out for these releases, as they are bound to bring the charm and emotion of the originals to the big screen.

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