3 Theories Predicting Bok Gwi Ju’s Death at the Ending of The Atypical Family

Fans of The Atypical Family are buzzing with theories about Bok Gwi Ju's fate. Will he survive or meet a tragic end? Unravel the suspense with these three theories.
3 Theories Predicting Bok Gwi Ju’S Death At The Ending Of The Atypical Family

As we approach the ending of The Atypical Family (2024), fans are eagerly speculating about the fate of Bok Gwi Ju (Jang Ki Yong). Mrs. Bok (Ko Di Shim) has a haunting dream where she sees her son’s funeral after he travels back in time to save Do Da Hae (Chun Woo Hee). This dream has sparked numerous theories about Gwi Ju’s potential demise. Here are three compelling theories that predict his death in the series finale.

Gwi Ju’s Faded and Burned Appearance in the Main Poster

Gwi Ju'S Faded And Burned Appearance In The Main Poster Source: JTBC Drama Instagram

In the main poster for The Atypical Family, Gwi Ju and Da Hae are seen holding hands and looking at each other warmly. However, fans noticed something eerie: Gwi Ju’s hand appears to be fading, and parts of his body look like they are burning. This has led to speculation that Gwi Ju might meet a tragic end. The visual clues in the poster seem to suggest that his fate is sealed, making viewers anxious about his future in the story.

The Mysterious Fire Scene

The Mysterious Fire Scene Source: Daebak Podcast Twitter

Another theory stems from a fire that occurred 13 years ago, which was depicted in episode 3. During this scene, there is a glimpse of a colorful explosion on the 5th floor of a school where Gwi Ju was present. This explosion contrasts sharply with the otherwise gray and dark surroundings. Fans believe that this colorful blast could have injured Gwi Ju, hinting at his eventual death. The idea is that Gwi Ju’s inability to touch dark objects while traveling through time might have put him in a perilous situation.

Gwi Ju’s Sacrifice for Da Hae’s Safety

Gwi Ju'S Sacrifice For Da Hae'S Safety Source: JTBC Drama Instagram

The third theory revolves around the idea that Gwi Ju’s death might be a consequence of saving Da Hae. If Gwi Ju hadn’t gone back in time, Da Hae wouldn’t have survived. They both managed to move forward with their lives, but there could be unforeseen consequences for Gwi Ju. Since Da Hae was the first person he saved through time travel, it is possible that this act comes at a great personal cost. Perhaps Gwi Ju has unknowingly risked his own safety to save her.

Final Thoughts

These theories provide intriguing possibilities for how The Atypical Family might conclude. Personally, I think the show has done an excellent job of keeping us on the edge of our seats. The visual clues and plot twists have been masterfully woven to create a suspenseful narrative. Whether or not Gwi Ju meets his end, the journey has been captivating, and I can’t wait to see how the story unfolds. What are your thoughts on these theories? Will Gwi Ju survive, or is his fate sealed? Share your predictions and stay tuned for the dramatic finale of The Atypical Family!

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