3 Reasons Won Jong Soo’s Gang Friendship Cracked in Connection

Reasons behind the tragic downfall of Won Jong Soo's gang in Connection.
3 Reasons Won Jong Soo’S Gang Friendship Cracked In Connection

Connection ended on Saturday (6/7/2024). With 14 episodes, the drama starring Ji Sung and Jeon Mi Do as the main characters achieved a rating of 14.2 percent nationally. The last episode closed with the happiness felt by Jang Jae Kyeong (Ji Sung), Oh Yoon Jin (Jeon Mi Do), and Heo Joo Song (Jung Soon Won).

Unlike Won Jong Soo’s (Kim Kyung Nam) gang that has been destroyed. In fact, they were like a solid group since high school. So, what caused their friendship to be destroyed? Here are the reasons.

1. Having the Wrong Intention in Making Friends

Intention is the most important basis in every action, even becoming a benchmark when later achieving a goal. Good or bad intentions will affect the results. So is starting a friendship.

Teenage Won Jong Soo (Park Si Yun) is a rich kid at the school. For him, making friends is very easy because he has money. Park Tae Jin (Baek Jae Woo) approaches him because he wants to get benefits.

Sure enough, he grew up to be a greedy person when he was an adult. Not wanting to miss the opportunity, he traded drugs because it started with Won Jong Soo who was an addict. Park Tae Jin (Kwon Yool) who was not satisfied with being a prosecutor, wanted to take over Won Jong Soo’s company.

Won Jong Soo (Kim Kyung Nam) In The Korean Drama Connection

Won Jong Soo (Kim Kyung Nam) In The Korean Drama Connection (Instagram.com/Sbsdrama.official) 

2. Leaders Who Cannot Set a Good Example

Won Jong Soo as the leader of his gang could not set a good example for his friends. As a result, they followed Won Jong Soo’s lust. None of his friends reprimanded him for his actions.

In fact, when Woo Jong Soo killed Cha Kyung Tae (Lee Su Chan) 20 years ago, they did not want to testify. Woo Jong Soo then told his colleagues to think so that he would not be blamed. Jung Sang Eui (Bae Jun Hyung) also had an idea so that Jang Jae Kyeong would be blamed.

Like being friends with a blacksmith, Jung Sang Eui also gets splashed with evil because of Won Jong Soo. Jung Sang Eui involves Park Jun Seo (Lee Hyun So) to slander Jang Jae Kyeong. That way, Park Jun Seo and Jang Jae Kyeong’s friendship could crack. He doesn’t like seeing their closeness.

In addition, Won Jong Soo often speaks and acts rudely to his friends. He thinks that his friends are lowly people. This is what causes someone to stab him in the back.

Won Jong Soo (Kim Kyung Nam) In The Korean Drama Connection

Won Jong Soo (Kim Kyung Nam) In The Korean Drama Connection (Instagram.com/Sbsdrama.official) 

3. There Is Betrayal and Lack of Openness

Communication in Won Jong Soo’s gang is very bad. For example, Oh Chi Yun (Cha Yub) and Jung Yoon Ho (Lee Kang Wook) have killed Lee Myung Guk (Oh Il Young). This is because Lee Myung Guk knows that Won Jong Soo is a drug addict.

The murder scheme turned out not to be Won Jong Soo’s idea. Once Oh Chi Yun was honest, Won Jong Soo was angry because he was worried that it would affect him. Then, Park Tae Jin secretly took advantage of Won Jong Soo’s addiction. He started the illegal business. Won Jong Soo was angry because he felt betrayed by Park Tae Jin.

From Won Jong Soo’s gang, the audience can take the message that when doing something, one should have good intentions. In this case, Won Jong Soo uses his power as a rich person to make friends. Well, after reading the description above and watching Connection, what do you think?

Park Tae Jin (Kwon Yool) In The Korean Drama Connection

Park Tae Jin (Kwon Yool) In The Korean Drama Connection (Instagram.com/Sbsdrama.official) 

Watching Connection has been a rollercoaster of emotions, especially seeing the downfall of Won Jong Soo’s gang. The drama does a great job showing how negative intentions, poor leadership, and betrayal can destroy even the strongest of friendships. It’s a poignant reminder of the importance of good intentions and integrity in relationships.

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