3 Reasons Seo Do Yoon Becomes Oh Wan Soo’s Bodyguard in Red Swan

Rain shines as Seo Do Yoon, uncovering secrets and protecting Oh Wan Soo in Red Swan.
3 Reasons Seo Do Yoon Becomes Oh Wan Soo’S Bodyguard In Red Swan

Rain returns to showcase his acting prowess after a two-year hiatus, taking on a role in the Disney+ Hotstar Korean drama Red Swan. In this action-packed series with a twist of makjang (over-the-top melodrama), Rain plays Seo Do Yoon, a former police inspector turned bodyguard for Oh Wan Soo, portrayed by Kim Ha Neul. Seo Do Yoon’s decision to become a bodyguard is driven by his personal mission, which unfolds in intriguing ways.

Uncovering the Truth About Park Kyeong Ju

Seo Do Yoon (Rain) In The Korean Drama Red Swan (Instagram.com/Rain_Oppa)

Seo Do Yoon’s journey begins with his quest to uncover the true identity of Park Kyeong Ju. Park Kyeong Ju, played by Hwang Tae Kwang, was Seo Do Yoon’s senior in the police force and now serves as the head of security for the Hwain Group, led by Oh Wan Soo’s mother-in-law, Park Mi Ran (Seo Yi Sook).

Park Kyeong Ju offers Seo Do Yoon a job as a bodyguard after Seo Do Yoon saves Oh Wan Soo from an unknown assailant. Initially hesitant, Seo Do Yoon takes the job, seeing it as an opportunity to investigate the mysterious death of his best friend, Shin Juhyuk. Seo Do Yoon suspects Park Kyeong Ju’s involvement due to a code word “flower shop” mentioned by Shin Juhyuk’s killer, which he later hears from Park Kyeong Ju during a secret meeting with a mafia boss.

Disguising himself as a janitor, Seo Do Yoon spies on the mafia boss and Park Kyeong Ju, who is seen carrying a bag full of money. Through overhearing conversations, Seo Do Yoon learns that Mr. L might be Shin Juhyuk’s killer, leading him to delve deeper into Park Kyeong Ju’s possible involvement.

Investigating Park Mi Ran’s Husband’s Death

Seo Do Yoon (Rain) In The Korean Drama Red Swan (Instagram.com/Rain_Oppa)

Another layer to Seo Do Yoon’s mission is the investigation of Park Mi Ran’s husband’s death. Before his best friend Shin Juhyuk died, he left a cryptic message about a photo. After accidentally discovering a hidden memory card in a photo frame, Seo Do Yoon finds a video showing Park Mi Ran’s husband’s death.

Connecting the dots, Seo Do Yoon suspects that the video might be linked to his best friend’s demise. This discovery pushes him to further investigate, uncovering more secrets and lies that could expose the true nature of the powerful Hwain Group.

Revealing the Secrets of Hwain Group

Seo Do Yoon (Rain) In The Korean Drama Red Swan (Doc. Disney+ Hotstar/Red Swan)

Seo Do Yoon’s mission is not only about personal revenge but also about unveiling the hidden secrets of the Hwain Group. From the moment he steps into Park Mi Ran’s house, Seo Do Yoon is keenly observant, noting every detail while being guided by Park Kyeong Ju.

The recurring mention of the “flower shop” code, the resemblance of Oh Wan Soo’s shooter to Shin Juhyuk’s killer, and the mysterious operations within the Hwain Group fuel Seo Do Yoon’s determination. His ultimate goal is to protect Oh Wan Soo while solving the intertwined mysteries of his friend’s murder and the Hwain Group’s dark dealings.

In Red Swan, Seo Do Yoon’s character brings a compelling mix of action, mystery, and emotional depth. Rain’s portrayal of Seo Do Yoon is both engaging and intense, making viewers eagerly follow his quest for truth and justice. Don’t miss out on this thrilling drama, available exclusively on Disney+ Hotstar.

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