3 Parenting Mistakes in Hierarchy, Making Children Too Free

Hierarchy reveals three crucial parenting mistakes that lead to overindulgence. Understand the impact on Jung Jae I, Kim Ri An, and Yoon He Ra's lives.
3 Parenting Mistakes In Hierarchy, Making Children Too Free

Hierarchy tells the story of a transfer student searching for the truth about his twin brother’s death at the elite Jooshin High School. Throughout the episodes, this drama highlights the behaviors of the students, especially those from affluent backgrounds. These behaviors are often rooted in their parents’ parenting styles. Here are three significant parenting mistakes depicted in Hierarchy that you might want to avoid.

Attention, this article contains spoilers.

1. Children are Not Given Freedom of Opinion

In Hierarchy, Jung Jae I (played by Roh Jeong Eui) is the eldest daughter of the Jaeyool Group owner. Her father molds her into a perfect figure to enhance the company’s value. Jung Jae I is not allowed to make any decisions herself. Her father controls everything, from her wardrobe and hobbies to her choice of a life partner. Despite her internal objections, Jung Jae I complies to avoid being cast out like her mother, who was expelled for not adhering to her father’s wishes.

Jung Jae I’s lack of freedom leads to her being labeled useless by her father when she becomes pregnant, tarnishing the company’s image and resulting in her being thrown out. This scenario underscores the importance of allowing children to express their opinions and make their own decisions to develop their identities and self-worth.

Jung Jae Yi In The Drama Hierarchy

2. Too Busy Working to Secure the Child’s Future

Kim Ri An (played by Kim Jae Won) is the son of the Jooshin Group owner. His mother, a career-oriented woman, is too busy working to ensure her son’s future. Kim Ri An often misses his mother’s presence, who compensates by hiring tutors, nutritionists, assistants, and professors to provide the best for him. However, this approach leaves Kim Ri An feeling unloved and seeking affection from others, which leads to his dominance over his classmates.

This storyline in Hierarchy illustrates that while parents strive to secure their children’s futures, emotional presence and affection are equally crucial for their well-being and development.

Kim Ri An In The Drama Hierarchy

3. Always Giving Luxury Items and Fulfilling All the Child’s Requests

Yoon He Ra (played by Ji Hye Won) is the daughter of an international trading company owner. Her father treats her like royalty, fulfilling all her requests and providing luxury items daily. This indulgence makes Yoon He Ra look down on her scholarship-receiving classmates. However, when her father’s company goes bankrupt, she is forced to move to a modest motel, facing the harsh reality of her previous disdainful behavior.

This plot point in Hierarchy highlights the potential negative impact of overindulgence on children’s attitudes and resilience. It teaches the importance of balancing material provision with instilling values of humility and empathy.

Yoon He Ra In The Drama Hierarchy

Hierarchy not only delves into the mystery of Jooshin High School students’ deaths but also explores various parenting patterns. The drama serves as a reminder that while parents always aim to provide the best for their children, the methods they use significantly impact their children’s overall development. Balancing freedom, emotional presence, and material provision is essential for nurturing well-rounded individuals.

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