3 Main Actors in To My Haeri, Kang Hoon Officially Joins!

Kang Hoon joins To My Haeri. Learn about the main actors Shin Hae Sun, Lee Jin Wook, and Kang Hoon in this exciting healing-romance drama.
3 Main Actors In To My Haeri, Kang Hoon Officially Joins!

On June 12, 2024, it was confirmed that Kang Hoon would join the cast of the new drama To My Haeri. This is ENA’s latest offering, expected to air later this year, although an official release date hasn’t been announced yet. To My Haeri marks Kang Hoon’s return to the small screen following his role in A Time Called You in 2023.

To My Haeri is a healing-romance drama centered around a character suffering from dissociative identity disorder. The script is penned by Han Ga Ram, known for her previous works I’ll Go to You When the Weather is Nice and Han Yeo Reum’s Memory. Let’s take a closer look at the main actors bringing this story to life.

Shin Hae Sun

Shin Hae Sun

Shin Hae Sun

First up is Shin Hae Sun, portraying Joo Eun Ho, a long-time announcer in the broadcasting industry. Despite 14 years of experience, Eun Ho remains relatively unknown to the public. Many people still question who she truly is.

Eun Ho has struggled to gain recognition in her field and continues to work hard to achieve that goal. Within Eun Ho resides another personality, Joo Hye Ri, a positive character working as a parking attendant. Eun Ho’s dissociative identity disorder plays a central role in the narrative, with Hye Ri’s personality vastly different from Eun Ho’s.

This project is Shin Hae Sun’s second acting gig after her film Following, where she played the famous actress Han So Ra, alongside Byun Yo Han and Lee El. Her portrayal of Eun Ho promises to be an engaging exploration of the healing-romance genre.

Lee Jin Wook

Shin Hae Sun will be joined by Lee Jin Wook, who is also set to appear in Sweet Home 3 airing on July 19. This year, he has been busy with various projects, including the film Black Nuns, co-starring Song Hye Kyo and Jeon Yeo Bin.

In To My Haeri, Lee Jin Wook plays Jung Hyun O, Joo Eun Ho’s former lover. Hyun O quickly rose to fame as a star announcer, becoming a public favorite. However, he harbors hidden wounds that he has never shared with anyone. As fate brings Eun Ho and Hyun O back together, they embark on a journey of mutual healing.

Kang Hoon

Kang Hoon

Kang Hoon

Lastly, Kang Hoon has officially joined the cast as Kang Ju Yeon, a military academy graduate turned news anchor. Ju Yeon’s strict and disciplined background, having been surrounded mostly by boys, makes her appear cold and stiff.

Ju Yeon chose a career in news broadcasting over a military path for personal reasons and now faces challenges in interacting with her female colleagues. Her character’s evolution, from someone inexperienced in relationships to forming meaningful connections, adds another layer to the story.

For fans of the healing-romance genre, To My Haeri promises to be a captivating watch. With a star-studded cast including Shin Hae Sun, Lee Jin Wook, and Kang Hoon, this drama is not to be missed. Be sure to tune in when it airs!

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