11 Korean Dramas About Freedom for Healing

Discover 11 heartwarming Korean dramas about freedom for healing. Dive into relatable stories with deep messages. Grab your popcorn and enjoy!
11 Korean Dramas About Freedom For Healing

Still feeling trapped and stuck in life? Take a break and immerse yourself in Korean dramas centered around the theme of freedom and slice of life. These dramas, with their relatable genres and storylines, are perfect for soothing your soul.

As you watch these dramas, you’ll find it easier to connect with the characters. The heartwarming plots will feel like having a friend who truly understands your situation.

So, what are you waiting for? Dive into these 11 Korean dramas about freedom:


1. The Beauty Inside (2018):

Follows the story of an actress who can change her appearance, feeling confined in someone else’s body.


2. Welcome to Samdal-ri (2023):

Chronicles the journey of a photographer who retreats to his hometown after betrayal shattered his career.

3. Be Melodramatic (2019):

Offers a refreshing take on freedom through the lives of three girls facing various life challenges.

4. My Mister (2018)

Initially evokes tears but ends with a heartwarming touch, a true masterpiece.

5. Our Blues (2022)

Explores life’s struggles and the search for inner peace, a must-watch for your list.

6. Because This is My First Life (2017)

Not just light-hearted, but also relatable with inspiring dialogues.

7. Summer Strike (2022)

Escape fatigue and rejuvenate your life planning with this relatable drama.

8. My Liberation Notes (2022)

Three brothers embark on individual journeys to find purpose in life, featuring Kim Ji Won’s stellar performance.

9. Thirty Nine (2022)

Focuses on friendship and coping with loss, offering insights on freedom from grief.

10. True Beauty (2020)

Embraces imperfections through the character Ju Kyung, reminding viewers of the right to happiness.

11. Prison Playbook (2017)

Follows the story of an athlete falsely imprisoned, highlighting the quest for freedom within confinement.

These Korean dramas offer light-hearted storytelling with profound messages, providing healing and comfort. So, grab some popcorn and binge-watch your way to a better mood!

Enjoy the show!

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