Zhao Lusi’s Unconventional VERSACE Advertisement Sparks Controversy

Discover Zhao Lusi's daring VERSACE campaign, sparking controversy with unconventional poses and bold fashion choices. Explore now!
Zhao Lusi’S Unconventional Versace Advertisement Sparks Controversy

The ever-rising star Zhao Lusi has been making waves in the entertainment industry, especially after her stellar performances in hit dramas like “Brilliant Stars” and “Secretly Can’t Hide.” However, her recent endeavors as the global spokesperson for VERSACE have stirred up quite the storm, with her latest advertisement raising eyebrows and sparking heated debate among netizens.

Fresh off the success of “Pearl Curtain and Jade Curtain,” her latest costume drama venture alongside Liu Yuning, Zhao Lusi found herself once again under the spotlight, this time not for her acting chops but for her peculiar choice of fashion and poses in the VERSACE advertisement.

The advertisement, featuring Zhao Lusi donning a pink skirt and dress, took an unconventional turn as she was captured engaging in what can only be described as peculiar cross-leg movements, with one foot propped against a wall. This unorthodox pose left many netizens scratching their heads, wondering if Zhao Lusi had somehow fallen out of favor with the renowned fashion brand.

Critics wasted no time in lambasting Zhao Lusi’s styling choices, particularly her appearance at a recent VERSACE event in Macau. Clad in a tightly fitted pink top that left little to the imagination, coupled with exaggerated smoky makeup and hair extensions cascading past her waist, Zhao Lusi’s ensemble failed to impress, drawing sharp criticism for its lack of cohesion and sophistication.

The clash between Zhao Lusi’s signature sweet appearance and VERSACE’s more edgy, European-American aesthetic only served to intensify the backlash. While some fans expressed hope that Zhao Lusi’s collaboration with VERSACE would showcase her versatility and ability to embrace diverse styles, many were left dismayed by the apparent mismatch between her fresh, youthful demeanor and the brand’s darker, avant-garde sensibilities.



Despite the polarizing reception, Zhao Lusi’s strategic partnership with VERSACE has not gone unnoticed, with her latest advertisement prominently featured in subway stations across China. The brand’s decision to showcase her campaign on such a grand scale underscores their investment in her as a global ambassador, even if it means pushing the boundaries of conventional fashion norms.

While Zhao Lusi’s transformation journey may still be a work in progress, her willingness to experiment with different looks and challenge traditional beauty standards deserves recognition. Whether she’s stepping out in daring smoky makeup or defying gravity with her unconventional poses, one thing is for certain – Zhao Lusi is not afraid to make a statement, for better or for worse. As the debate rages on, one can’t help but wonder: is there more to her partnership with VERSACE than meets the eye?

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