Yui Aragaki Defends Her Marriage: Breaking Down the Scandal and Her Stand

Yui Aragaki appeared on Gen Hoshino's radio show to address infidelity rumors, emphasizing their commitment and denying the allegations. Explore their strong stand against media speculation.
Yui Aragaki Defends Her Marriage: Breaking Down The Scandal And Her Stand

Japanese actress Yui Aragaki recently took a bold step to defend her marriage amidst swirling rumors and speculation. She appeared on her husband Gen Hoshino’s late-night radio show to address and debunk the scandalous allegations head-on.

The Scandal Unfolds

The controversy began when internet celebrity “Takizawa Karien” posted allegations on social media, claiming that Hoshino Gen had been unfaithful with an NHK announcer. This post, which garnered over 150 million views, led to rampant speculation and harsh criticism directed at both Hoshino and Aragaki. Hoshino shared on his show how he discovered the sudden influx of negative comments while washing dishes, causing considerable distress for the couple​​.

Yui Aragaki’s Bold Move

In an unexpected move, Yui Aragaki broke her usual silence and joined Hoshino on his radio show. She directly addressed the scandal, emphasizing that the rumors were completely unfounded. “What happened this time is really shocking,” Aragaki expressed, highlighting her confusion and sadness over the situation. She reassured fans that there was no truth to the allegations and asked for their understanding and support​​.

Aragaki Yui And Hoshino Gen

Standing By Her Husband

Aragaki’s appearance on the radio show marked the first time the couple publicly interacted since their marriage. She reiterated her commitment to her husband and expressed her sorrow over the hurtful comments directed at Hoshino. “Seeing him being attacked by these slanderous messages is very sad for me. I hope this does not happen again,” she stated, showing a united front against the baseless accusations​​.

Aragaki Yui Aragaki Yui appeared on Hoshino Gen’s radio program and personally denied the marriage change. (Picture/reproduced from X)

As fans of both Aragaki and Hoshino, it’s heartbreaking to see such a beloved couple dragged into such a public scandal. Yui Aragaki’s decision to stand by her husband and directly confront the rumors is both brave and commendable. This act not only reassures their fans but also sets a strong example of handling media scrutiny with grace and dignity. It reminds us of the pressures faced by celebrities and the importance of supporting them through challenging times.


The incident has certainly stirred the waters in the Japanese entertainment industry. However, Yui Aragaki’s proactive approach and unwavering support for her husband offer a ray of hope. It underscores the strength of their relationship and their commitment to weathering storms together. As we await further developments, let’s continue to support this couple and remember the human side of public figures who, like all of us, deserve respect and understanding.

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