Xu Kai and Li Hongyi’s New Dramas: Which One Are You Excited For?

Xu Kai and Li Hongyi both have new costume dramas announced, thrilling fans with stunning visuals and captivating stories. Read on to see which drama has everyone buzzing!
Xu Kai And Li Hongyi’S New Dramas: Which One Are You Excited For?

Today, fans of costume dramas received exciting news as the new shows of Xu Kai and Li Hongyi were officially announced. With both actors having a significant following, the question arises: whose drama are you most looking forward to?

Xu Kai’s “Midnight Return” Wraps Up Filming

Midnight Return

Midnight Return, starring Xu Kai and Tian Xiwei, officially wrapped up on May 14. This costume love fantasy drama is based on Fu Hua’s novel “The Daily Life of Mrs. Mei’s Doting Husband.” It follows the story of Mei Zhuyu and Wu Zhen, who are bound by fate and work together to protect Chang’an. The cast includes familiar faces such as Wang Jiayi, Zhu Zhengting, Wu Junting, and many others, promising a star-studded production.

The released materials show exquisite production values, with beautiful costumes and set designs that capture the eye. Fans of Xu Kai can expect a visually stunning drama with a compelling story, filled with romance and fantasy elements.

Li Hongyi’s Feng Ying Ran Mei Xiang Announces Cast

Midnight Return

Feng Ying Ran Mei Xiang, starring Li Hongyi and Wang Churan, also announced its cast on May 14. This costume romance drama is adapted from Xiu Tang’s novel “The Diary of a Pseudo-Song Killer.” It tells the story of An Jiu, a girl with two souls, who evolves from an ordinary girl to a royal female agent, and her journey alongside young general Chu Dingjiang.

The drama features a strong cast, including Hu Yixuan, Zuo Ye, Dong Xuan, and many more. The dual nature of the female protagonist, being both soft and strong, adds an intriguing layer to the story. The chemistry between Li Hongyi and Wang Churan is anticipated to be captivating, with early materials suggesting a beautiful visual presentation.

Both dramas promise high-quality production, captivating stories, and strong performances from their respective leads. As fans eagerly await their release, the anticipation continues to build. So, who are you most excited to see on screen: Xu Kai or Li Hongyi?

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