Why Joy of Life Season 2 Received Consistent Negative Reviews

Joy of Life Season 2 premiered with high expectations but received consistent negative reviews. Fans were let down by the plot and character inconsistencies.
Why Joy Of Life Season 2 Received Consistent Negative Reviews

Joy of Life Season 2, starring Zhang Ruoyun and Li Qin, premiered yesterday. The show’s release strategy allowed ordinary users to watch one episode, regular VIPs to watch four episodes, and SVIP members to watch five episodes. After a five-year wait since the first season, fans were eager to dive into the new episodes. However, the initial reception has been overwhelmingly negative, with consistent reasons cited by viewers.

Disappointing Plot and Pacing

Joy Of Life

The second season of Joy of Life picked up with a modern twist, leaving many fans puzzled. The first season ended with the dramatic scene of Yan Bingyun stabbing Fan Xian, creating a suspenseful cliffhanger. However, the second season starts with a modern scene featuring Professor Ye, played by Yuan Quan, addressing whether Fan Xian survived. This shift in tone and setting was jarring for many viewers.

Fan Xian’s faked death and return to Beijing are filled with light-hearted moments that feel out of place. The humor and relaxed atmosphere detract from the tension and excitement that made the first season so compelling. Viewers noted that the interactions between characters, especially between Chen Pingping and Emperor Qing, lacked the intense, strategic undertones of the first season. Instead, their relationship seemed trivialized, diminishing the overall narrative impact.

Character and Production Inconsistencies

Joy Of Life

One of the major complaints was the portrayal of characters. In the first season, characters like Chen Pingping and Fan Xian were deeply layered and engaging. However, in the second season, their interactions felt superficial, and new characters failed to make a strong impression. The close-up camera work and slow pacing added to the frustration, making the plot feel disjointed and erratic.

The production quality also took a hit. Fans noticed that the costumes and makeup were not as polished as in the first season. For example, Fan Siche’s appearance seemed more like a studio costume rather than an authentic historical outfit. The dubbing for Fan Xian’s aunt Liu Ruyu was another point of contention, as it significantly differed from the first season, breaking the continuity.

The soundtrack further confused viewers. The background music often felt out of place, shifting the tone from a Machiavellian drama to an unintentional comedy. This inconsistency in tone and quality led to widespread disappointment.

Hope for Improvement

Joy Of Life

Despite the criticisms, some viewers hold out hope that the plot will improve in later episodes. The series still has several significant story arcs to explore, including the trip to Jiangnan, the temple secrets, and Chen Pingping’s revenge. Fans who invested in SVIP memberships are particularly hopeful that the show will regain its former glory and deliver a satisfying continuation of the story.

The consistent negative reviews highlight a significant gap between audience expectations and the delivered content. While the first season set a high bar, the second season needs to address these concerns to recapture the magic that made Joy of Life a hit in the first place.

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