Why Did Yan Bingyun Attempt to Kill Fan Xian in Joy of Life Season 2?

In Joy of Life Season 2, Yan Bingyun's attempt on Fan Xian's life was a strategic plan to fake his death, creating a gripping twist that left fans on the edge of their seats.
Why Did Yan Bingyun Attempt To Kill Fan Xian In Joy Of Life Season 2?

In Joy of Life Season 2, the apparent assassination attempt by Yan Bingyun on Fan Xian’s life left many viewers puzzled and intrigued. The scene was dramatic and seemingly tragic, but as the plot unfolded, it became clear that there was much more beneath the surface.

A Carefully Planned Fake Death

Joy Of Life

The reason behind Yan Bingyun’s apparent attempt on Fan Xian’s life was a carefully orchestrated plan between the two characters. Both of them had conspired in advance to fake Fan Xian’s death. This was not an act of betrayal but a strategic move to deceive their enemies and protect their true intentions.

Chen Pingping, a key character who understood the depths of Yan Bingyun’s loyalty to the country, never believed that Yan Bingyun would harm Fan Xian. Similarly, Fan Jian, Fan Xian’s father, suspected that his son’s death was a ruse. Despite his concerns, Fan Jian feared that Fan Xian might face further danger due to deceiving the emperor.

Chen Pingping wanted to leverage Fan Xian’s fake death to destabilize the Qing Kingdom. This strategic maneuver involved several elements, including a retractable sword, blood packets, and a pre-dug escape hole. These elements all played a part in creating the illusion of Fan Xian’s death. The remains discovered after the fire were actually pig bones, further adding to the deception.

Unfolding Events in the Plot

Joy Of Life

The first episode of Joy of Life Season 2 begins with Fan Xian’s supposed death, which sets the stage for the unfolding drama. The novel’s author, Zhang Qing, paused updates, causing fans to speculate about Fan Xian’s fate. When the second season’s story was finally revealed, it showed Fan Xian taking on a dangerous mission, escorting Xiao En and the Northern Qi spy manager back to China.

Throughout the journey, Fan Xian discovered critical information, including the fact that he was the son of Emperor Nanqing and Ye Qingmei, not Fan Jian’s illegitimate child. This revelation came just before Shen Sheng’s death, who disclosed the conspiracy involving the second prince, Li Chengze, and Li Yunrui.

The second prince, attempting to manipulate Fan Xian, captured Teng Zijin, Fei Jie, and Fan Sizhe, and sent letters to both Fan Xian and Yan Bingyun. Despite the threats, Fan Xian stood his ground. Yan Bingyun’s public act of stabbing Fan Xian was part of their ruse, with Fan Xian using blood packets to feign a fatal wound.

As news of Fan Xian’s “death” reached the emperor, it caused significant turmoil. Chen Pingping, deeply connected to Fan Xian, orchestrated a search for his body. Meanwhile, Yan Bingyun suggested burning Fan Xian’s “body” to prevent any chance of medical intervention, a step which Xie Bian executed by using pig bones as remains.

After the fake death, Yan Bingyun continued his mission, while Fan Xian, along with Wang Qinian, returned to the capital to rescue Teng Zijin’s family. The intrigue and mystery surrounding Fan Xian’s fate left everyone searching for him, setting the stage for further developments and unresolved mysteries.

In conclusion, Yan Bingyun’s assassination attempt on Fan Xian was a part of a grand scheme to fake Fan Xian’s death, protect him from immediate threats, and use the chaos to their advantage. The storyline in Joy of Life Season 2 showcases the depth of planning and loyalty among the characters, keeping viewers engaged and eager for more.

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