Why Did Emperor Li Ming Arrange Li Rong’s Marriage to Pei Wenxuan in The Princess Royal?

Why did Emperor Li Ming arrange Li Rong's marriage to Pei Wenxuan?
Why Did Emperor Li Ming Arrange Li Rong’S Marriage To Pei Wenxuan In The Princess Royal?

The Princess Royal, a captivating TV show, has left many viewers wondering about the strategic moves of Emperor Li Ming, particularly his decision to arrange a marriage between Li Rong and the impoverished nobleman Pei Wenxuan. Let’s delve into the reasons behind this significant plot development.

The Balance of Power

In The Princess Royal, Emperor Li Ming’s primary concern is maintaining the balance of power within the royal court. Empress Shangguan, Li Rong’s mother, wields considerable influence, and the emperor is wary of her growing power. To prevent her from becoming even more dominant, he orchestrates Li Rong’s marriage to Pei Wenxuan. By doing so, he aims to curb the potential alliance between Li Rong and a more powerful family, which could further bolster Empress Shangguan’s position.

This strategic move is evident when the emperor presents Li Rong with portraits of four young men, among whom she is to choose her future husband. While three of the candidates have questionable character, Pei Wenxuan stands out as a man of integrity. This selection is no coincidence; it is a calculated effort by Emperor Li Ming to ensure that Li Rong’s marriage will not enhance her mother’s influence.

Pei Wenxuan: A Suitable Choice

Pei Wenxuan’s background plays a crucial role in the emperor’s decision. His family, once prosperous, has fallen on hard times. Despite this, Pei Wenxuan has managed to retain his dignity and honor. This makes him an ideal candidate in the eyes of the emperor, who seeks to pair Li Rong with someone of decent character but without significant political power.

Interestingly, Li Rong demonstrates her cleverness by avoiding the direct selection of a husband. Instead, she organizes a spring banquet, inviting not only the four potential suitors but also children from other aristocratic families. This move allows her to observe the candidates more closely and gather insights into their personalities and social standings.

The Emperor’s Long-Term Vision

Another layer to this intricate decision is the presence of Su Rongqing, a prominent figure deeply favored by the emperor. As the eldest son of the influential Su family, Su Rongqing holds a strong position at court. However, the emperor’s careful planning ensures that Li Rong will not marry into such a powerful family, which could disrupt the delicate balance of power he strives to maintain.

Pei Wenxuan, despite his family’s misfortunes, embodies the qualities that align with the emperor’s vision for Li Rong’s future. His humility and integrity make him a reliable partner who won’t pose a threat to the emperor’s control over the court.


In summary, Emperor Li Ming’s decision to marry Li Rong to Pei Wenxuan in The Princess Royal is a masterstroke of political strategy. By doing so, he curtails Empress Shangguan’s influence, ensures Li Rong’s future husband is of good character, and maintains the balance of power within the royal court. This intricate web of decisions highlights the emperor’s foresight and the complex dynamics at play in the royal family.

As viewers, we can appreciate the depth of this plotline, which showcases the delicate balance of power and the nuanced relationships within the court. The Princess Royal masterfully weaves these elements together, making it a must-watch for fans of political drama and intricate storytelling.

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