Who is the Threat to Jung Jae I in the Drama Hierarchy?

Jung Jae I returns from the US to find a threatening message at Jooshin High. Who's behind it? Dive into Hierarchy's mystery and uncover the truth.
Who Is The Threat To Jung Jae I In The Drama Hierarchy?

Hierarchy (2024) is a drama filled with mystery and intrigue, keeping viewers on the edge of their seats. One of the main characters, Jung Jae I, played by Roh Jeong Eui, returns from the United States after a three-month stay, only to find himself the target of a threatening message. The burning question is, who is the threat to Jung Jae I in Hierarchy?

Warning: This article contains spoilers!

Suspects Arise: Han Ji Su and Gil Ye Ji

Still Cut From Korean Drama Hierarchy Still cut from Korean drama Hierarchy (doc. Netflix/Hierarchy)

In episode 4, suspicion surrounds several students and teachers when Jung Jae I receives the threatening message. The scene shows many characters, including Lee Woo Jin (Lee Won Jung), Yoon He Ra (Ji Hye Won), Gil Ye Ji (Kwon Eun Bi), Park Tae Ho (Yoon Seok Ho), and Nam Ju Won (Seo Bum June), all using their cell phones, suggesting any one of them could be the sender. The message ends with a sentence of laughter, adding a sinister tone. Jae I’s classmate, Han Ji Su (Byeon Seo Yun), also becomes a suspect when she sends a similar message.

The Revelation: Nam Ju Won Unmasked

Still Cut From Korean Drama Hierarchy Still cut from Korean drama Hierarchy (doc. Netflix/Hierarchy)

The mystery deepens until the end of episode 5, when it’s revealed that the threat, @jjj_j_00, is none other than Nam Ju Won. His motive is tied to the tragic death of Kang In Han (Kim Min Chul), for which Jung Jae I was indirectly responsible. Nam Ju Won had stolen student data from his mother, Principal Park Hee Sun (Bae Hae Sun), and his true identity as the threat is uncovered by Kang Ha (Lee Chae Min).

The Actor Behind the Character: Seo Bum June

Seo Bum June Seo Bum June (Instagram.com/seo_bumjune)

Nam Ju Won is portrayed by the talented actor Seo Bum June. Born in 1997, Seo Bum June debuted in the drama Nevertheless (2021) and has continued to build his career, appearing in Nothing Uncovered in 2024. He was also an MC for Inkigayo alongside Roh Jeong Eui and TXT’s Yeonjun. Seo Bum June brings depth to the character of Nam Ju Won, making the revelation of his true nature all the more shocking.

A Twisting Tale of Suspense

In true Hierarchy fashion, the show masterfully keeps viewers guessing. The initial suspects, with their seemingly suspicious behavior, keep us hooked, only to have the true culprit revealed in a dramatic twist. Nam Ju Won, the quiet and seemingly unassuming character, turns out to be the one with the most sinister agenda. It’s a reminder that sometimes the most silent characters are the ones to watch out for. This revelation adds a rich layer to the narrative, making Hierarchy a must-watch for fans of suspense and drama.

Do you think you could have guessed Nam Ju Won was the threat? Let us know your thoughts on this thrilling twist in the comments!

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