Who Does Hu Wei Sheng Love in Fox Spirit Matchmaker: Red-Moon Pact?

Hu Wei Sheng's unexpected love for Yue Ti Xia unfolds with humor, suspense, and deep affection in Fox Spirit Matchmaker: Red-Moon Pact.
Who Does Hu Wei Sheng Love In Fox Spirit Matchmaker: Red-Moon Pact?

In the latest chapter of Fox Spirit Matchmaker: Red-Moon Pact, the character Hu Wei Sheng’s love interest is revealed. This article delves into the intricacies of his emotions and relationships, specifically focusing on his feelings for Yue Ti Xia.

Hu Wei Sheng’s Unexpected Love

Hu Wei Sheng falls for Yue Ti Xia, a surprising twist given their initial interactions. Yue Ti Xia, driven by her need to obtain the Seven Treasures Tree Bark, decides to make Hu Wei Sheng fall in love with her. However, this plan comes with a twist of dark humor. The mere thought of making him fall for her disgusts her so much that she decides to let him die accidentally instead. Yet, even an accidental death feels too extreme for her.

In a desperate moment, Yue Ti Xia kisses Hu Wei Sheng to save him. Shocked and flustered, Hu Wei Sheng jumps away, but soon realizes she was saving his life. This act of bravery leaves Hu Wei Sheng sweating and feeling shy. Yue Ti Xia, meanwhile, is curious about where the Seven Treasures Tree Bark is hidden on Hu Wei Sheng’s body. Her touch frightens him, and he runs away, feeling more cared for than ever before.

Growing Affection and Protective Instincts

As the story progresses, Yue Ti Xia’s protective actions further endear her to Hu Wei Sheng. When the elder, having lost three drops of blood, is being tended to by Yue Ti Chun, she speaks of her daughter. The elder advises her to care more for her daughter, revealing the familial tensions in Yue Ti Xia’s life.

Afraid of being discovered with the Seven Treasures Tree Bark, Yue Ti Xia protects Hu Wei Sheng from an attacking tree demon. This selfless act makes Hu Wei Sheng believe she would risk her life for him, deeply touching him. In a vulnerable moment, Hu Wei Sheng shares his life story with Yue Ti Xia, revealing his pitiable past. This confession softens Yue Ti Xia’s heart, making her reconsider her feelings.

In a bid to protect Yue Ti Xia, Hu Wei Sheng decides to seek out Dongfang Yuechu. However, Yue Ti Xia objects, insisting that he should instead propose to her mother, given their intimate connection.

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