What was the Verdict in Liu Zeguang’s Luxury Car Accident Case in Enforcement Department?

Liu Zeguang's accident case concludes with justice and resolution in Enforcement Department.
What Was The Verdict In Liu Zeguang’S Luxury Car Accident Case In Enforcement Department?

Enforcement Department has been captivating audiences with its dramatic plot twists and intense legal battles. The recent episode involving Liu Zeguang, who caused a severe accident while driving a luxury sports car, has sparked significant interest and discussion. Let’s delve into the details of this case and its resolution.

The Incident and Initial Investigation

Liu Zeguang, while driving his Maserati, hit Ren Xue, a dance teacher from Qinggang Art Affiliated High School, causing her to suffer a severe injury classified as a Grade 5 disability. The traffic department determined that Liu bore the primary responsibility for the accident and the court ordered him to pay over 900,000 yuan in compensation. However, Liu only paid 120,000 yuan for Ren Xue’s medical expenses and then disappeared.

Ren Xue’s family, frustrated by the lack of full compensation, sought the court’s intervention for compulsory enforcement. The Second Enforcement Court took over the case, with Chu Yun assigning it to Qi Lin. Qi Lin tasked Ye Xuan with investigating Liu Zeguang’s assets, discovering that Liu only had the luxury car in his name. The team visited Liu’s father’s company, where Liu’s father, disheartened by his son’s actions, refused to help.

The Uncovering of the Truth

Qi Lin, along with Shao Jun, attempted to apprehend Liu Zeguang, who tried to escape but was caught. Liu admitted to the accident but claimed to be penniless. Qi Lin decided to confiscate Liu’s car, but Liu presented a notification indicating that the car had been scrapped. Qi Lin suspected foul play as the notice was issued after the court’s ruling.

Following the trail, Qi Lin and his team located the dismantled car. The staff at the scrapyard led them to the disassembled Maserati, but the engine’s serial number didn’t match the one involved in the accident. This discrepancy hinted that Liu had another identical car, which he had used to deceive the authorities.

The Resolution and Aftermath

Through diligent investigation and strategic conversations with Liu’s father, Qi Lin discovered the whole truth. Liu Zeguang’s father, persuaded by Qi Lin, agreed to compensate the accident victim. He not only paid the required compensation but also visited Ren Xue in the hospital to apologize personally, bringing closure to the victim’s family.

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