Unveiling the Director Drama Behind Lovely Runner

Who directed Lovely Runner before its transformation? Learn why Boo Sung Chul stepped down and how new directors revived the series, improving Im Sol's character and more.
Unveiling The Director Drama Behind Lovely Runner

Lovely Runner has been the talk of the town even after its last episode aired on May 28, 2024. The drama has captivated netizens, especially with the recent release of original scene cuts before a change in directors. One scene, featuring Im Sol, played by Kim Hye Yoon, drew significant criticism from fans. However, after directors Yoon Jong Ho and Kim Tae Yeob took over, the character’s appearance and the drama’s overall quality improved. This raises the question: Who was the original director of Lovely Runner before the switch?

The Initial Director of Lovely Runner Was Boo Sung Chul

Director Boo Sung Chul Director Boo Sung Chul (naver.com)

Lovely Runner had its fair share of production struggles. The project faced delays for three years, primarily due to challenges in casting the right actor for Ryu Sun Jae. These hurdles eventually led to a change in directorial leadership, with the cast reportedly undergoing the shooting process twice over ten months.

Originally, Boo Sung Chul was set to direct Lovely Runner. According to Cosmopolitan Korea, Boo Sung Chul decided to step down from the project, leading to Yoon Jong Ho and Kim Tae Yeob stepping in to revive the stalled production.

Boo Sung Chul’s Notable Works

Director Boo Sung Chul Director Boo Sung Chul (naver.com)

Boo Sung Chul is no stranger to the world of successful dramas. He has an impressive portfolio, including hits like My Girlfriend is Gumiho (2010), Heirs (2013), and Ghost Doctor (2022). Despite his withdrawal from Lovely Runner, the reason behind his decision remains unclear. Fans are eagerly waiting for his response to the drama’s success after his departure.

Netizens’ Reactions to Im Sol’s Character Transformation

Excerpt From The Drama Lovely Runner Excerpt from the drama Lovely Runner (doc. tvN/Lovely Runner)

Netizens have been vocal about their preferences for Im Sol’s character design. The latest production, led by Yoon Jong Ho and Kim Tae Yeob, received praise for improving Im Sol’s visuals. Social media is abuzz with comparisons between the original cuts and the re-shot scenes.

In the initial scenes directed by Boo Sung Chul, Im Sol’s bangs were shorter and had an old-school vibe, which some found unappealing for Ryu Sun Jae’s first love. Director Yoon Jong Ho recognized this and revamped Im Sol’s look to make her more appealing.

So, what do you think? Do you prefer the original version of Im Sol or the updated look under director Yoon Jong Ho?

Opinion: A Tale of Two Directors

The drama behind Lovely Runner‘s production highlights the significant impact a director can have on a show’s reception. Boo Sung Chul’s initial vision, while respected, did not resonate as well with fans. In contrast, Yoon Jong Ho and Kim Tae Yeob’s approach breathed new life into the series, demonstrating the importance of adaptability and understanding audience preferences.

Lovely Runner‘s journey from production challenges to becoming a fan-favorite underscores the dynamic nature of TV production and the essential role directors play in shaping a show’s success.

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