Unpacking the Happy Ending of Frankly Speaking

Frankly Speaking wraps up with twists, heartfelt reunions, and a satisfying resolution. Dive into the final moments and see how each character's journey concludes.
Unpacking The Happy Ending Of Frankly Speaking

Frankly Speaking, the JTBC Wednesday-Thursday drama that also streams on Netflix, wrapped up its final episode on June 6, 2024. With all 12 episodes available for binge-watching, the series concludes with a satisfying happy ending for its characters. Let’s dive into how the final moments unfolded.

Na Yoo Jung’s Unexpected Recovery

Na Yoo Jung'S Recovery Still cut of Korean drama Frankly Speaking (doc. Netflix/Frankly Speaking)

In the penultimate episode, viewers were left on a cliffhanger with Song Ki Baek (Go Kyung Pyo) and his family receiving a distressing call from the hospital. It was heavily implied that Song Ki Baek’s mother, Na Yoo Jung (Kang Ae Shim), had succumbed to her injuries from a severe accident. However, episode 12 delivered a twist: Na Yoo Jung wakes up from her coma. The true victim was revealed to be the mother of On Bok Ja’s (Baek Joo Hee) lover, On Woo Joo’s mother (Kang Han Na). This revelation not only provided relief but also set the stage for the series’ heartwarming conclusion.

Kim Jeong Heon’s Well-Deserved Break

Kim Jeong Heon Takes A Break Still cut of Korean drama Frankly Speaking (doc. Netflix/Frankly Speaking)

After enduring relentless pressure and frequent panic attacks, Kim Jeong Heon (Joo Jong Hyuk) decided to take a much-needed hiatus from his entertainment career. His break symbolized a crucial step towards self-care and mental health awareness. Interestingly, this break also marked the mending of his friendship with Song Ki Baek. Six months later, Kim Jeong Heon returned to the limelight as the MC of Laundry Therapy, a new show spearheaded by On Woo Joo.

Personal Reflections

The way Frankly Speaking tackled Kim Jeong Heon’s mental health struggles was particularly commendable. It’s a reminder of how important it is to prioritize personal well-being, even in high-pressure environments.

The Rise of Yoon Ji Hu

Yoon Ji Hu Becomes A Youtube Star Still cut of Korean drama Frankly Speaking (doc. Netflix/Frankly Speaking)

Yoon Ji Hu (Go Kyu Pil), another character, chose to leave his stable job at JBC to become a freelancer and focus on his daughter. He launched a YouTube channel featuring healthy food mukbang content and swiftly gained a million subscribers. This new path allowed him the flexibility he needed while also providing substantial income.

On a different note, the relationship between Song Un Baek and Chae Yeon received a blessing from Jung Gu Won, further adding to the feel-good vibes of the series finale.

A New Beginning for Song Ki Baek and On Woo Joo

Song Ki Baek'S New Program Still cut of Korean drama Frankly Speaking (doc. Netflix/Frankly Speaking)

Song Ki Baek’s journey came full circle as he transformed into a more dedicated family man and secured a permanent program, Mr. Song in Action, News from the Location. This show, which reviews local culinary delights, showcased his newfound stability and growth.

Simultaneously, On Woo Joo faced professional setbacks but bounced back with her new show, Laundry Therapy. The return of familiar faces to her crew highlighted the theme of resilience and friendship.

Song Ki Baek’s Proposal

Song Ki Baek Proposes Still cut of Korean drama Frankly Speaking (doc. Netflix/Frankly Speaking)

The climax of the series was undeniably Song Ki Baek’s public proposal to On Woo Joo. Their relationship, filled with ups and downs, finally culminated in this heartfelt moment. Additionally, Song Ki Baek’s ability to lie returned under specific circumstances, suggesting a nuanced recovery and the complexity of human nature.

Final Thoughts

Frankly Speaking wrapped up on a high note, delivering a happy ending that felt earned and genuine. The series managed to weave together the personal growth and professional triumphs of its characters, leaving the audience with a sense of closure and satisfaction.

Are you satisfied with how Frankly Speaking ended? Share your thoughts and let’s discuss the rollercoaster of emotions this drama has taken us on!

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