These 3 Male Korean Artists Have Unexpectedly Stolen Other People’s Girlfriends

Three male Korean artists shocked fans by admitting to stealing others' girlfriends.
These 3 Male Korean Artists Have Unexpectedly Stolen Other People’S Girlfriends

Taking someone else’s partner is never a good thing, especially for Korean artists who need to maintain their reputation. However, some celebrities have revealed such actions to the public at various events. Surprisingly, they didn’t seem sorry when they told their stories. Here are a few Korean artists who openly admitted to stealing other people’s girlfriends, shocking the public with their confessions.

Kang Kyung Joon

Kang Kyung Joon

Image Source: Kstar Global Ent 

In a 2007 episode of a variety show, Kang Kyung Joon admitted that he already had a girlfriend. He met her at a ski resort, where she recognized him as an artist and asked for a photo. Kang was immediately captivated by her beauty. After taking her home, he couldn’t stop thinking about her and decided to call her. They met again and shared a kiss because he was so happy.

It turned out that his girlfriend already had a partner, but she chose to break up with him after meeting Kang. This confession was surprising because Kang openly admitted his actions without showing much remorse, which left the audience in shock.

Kim Hyun Joong

Kim Hyun Joong

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In 2009, during an appearance on the program Yes Shim Man Man 2, Kim Hyun Joong shared various love stories. He confessed that he had fallen in love at first sight with another artist. He often thought about her on his way home after filming.

Kim Hyun Joong admitted that he is the type of person who doesn’t hesitate to chase the woman he likes, even if she is already in a relationship. He revealed that he had stolen a woman from his friend in the past. This candid confession showed a side of him that many fans were not aware of, highlighting his relentless pursuit of love.

MBLAQ’s Seungho


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Through the program Idol Manager in 2012, Seungho shared that he had never experienced having his girlfriend stolen by someone else. Instead, he admitted to stealing other people’s girlfriends not once, but twice. His colleague, GO, mentioned that Seungho might have initially tried it out of curiosity and then enjoyed the sensation, leading to repeated actions.

Seungho confessed that he stole his girlfriend from an acquaintance and, interestingly, is still friends with the people whose partners he had taken. This openness about his actions was surprising, as it showcased a side of Seungho that fans might not have known.

Reflections on Their Actions

The frank confessions of these Korean artists reveal a daring side to their personalities. They openly discussed actions that could potentially damage their reputations, and some even took partners from their own acquaintances. Despite the controversy, these artists seemed to prioritize honesty in their public disclosures.

In my opinion, these revelations provide a glimpse into the complex nature of relationships and the often unpredictable behavior of individuals, even those in the spotlight. It’s fascinating to see how they navigate the consequences of their actions, maintaining their careers while dealing with the public’s reaction.

These stories remind us that celebrities, despite their glamorous lives, face personal challenges and make mistakes just like everyone else. It’s a stark reminder of the human aspect behind the public personas we see on screen.

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