The Weight of Expectations: Lee Mi Jin’s Struggle in Miss Night and Day

Lee Mi Jin faces immense pressure in Miss Night and Day. Discover the three demands that push her to the brink in this moving analysis.
The Weight Of Expectations: Lee Mi Jin’S Struggle In Miss Night And Day

In life, everyone needs something to aim for. In the Korean drama Miss Night and Day, we meet Lee Mi Jin (played by Jung Eun Ji), who has been relentlessly trying to secure a position in the ASN for eight long years. Sadly, even after all this time, she still hasn’t succeeded. This persistent failure leads Mi Jin into a deep despair, making her question her life’s direction and purpose. Here are three demands that contribute to Mi Jin’s stress and depression in the drama.

1. Continuing Her Parents’ Dream

Continuing Her Parents' Dream

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Lee Mi Jin’s life revolves around her parents’ dream of her becoming an ASN. For eight years, she has participated in the entrance selection, only to face repeated rejection. To avoid disappointing her parents, Mi Jin goes as far as pretending she has been accepted for the job. This facade eats away at her, causing significant emotional turmoil.

Mi Jin admits that becoming an ASN isn’t truly her aspiration. She doesn’t have personal dreams or career goals of her own, which further compounds her distress. Her lack of enthusiasm for life is evident, as she continues to chase a goal that isn’t hers, solely to fulfill her parents’ expectations.

2. Difficulty Getting a Job

Difficulty Getting A Job

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For eight years, Mi Jin has struggled to find employment. Despite her efforts, she faces constant rejection. The job market is unforgiving, and many companies prioritize younger candidates in their early 20s or those with extensive experience. Unfortunately, Mi Jin falls into neither category due to her singular focus on passing the ASN selection.

This prolonged job search becomes a source of significant stress. Mi Jin’s inability to secure a stable job leaves her feeling helpless and frustrated. Her lack of diverse work experience makes her less attractive to potential employers, further entrenching her in a cycle of despair.

3. Other People’s Opinions

Other People'S Opinions

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Mi Jin’s struggle isn’t just internal; it’s exacerbated by the opinions of those around her. Friends, family, and acquaintances frequently comment on her prolonged unemployment, adding to her sense of inadequacy. These unsolicited opinions often reach her parents, compounding her feelings of guilt and shame.

This constant scrutiny forces Mi Jin into isolation. She avoids sharing her struggles, even with those closest to her, due to the trauma of repeated failures and the fear of judgment. This isolation makes her problems seem insurmountable, contributing further to her depression.

My Take on Mi Jin’s Struggle

Watching Mi Jin navigate these challenges in Miss Night and Day is heart-wrenching. The drama does an excellent job of highlighting the pressures many young people face from familial expectations, societal standards, and personal failures. Mi Jin’s story is a poignant reminder of the importance of pursuing one’s own dreams rather than living for others’ expectations.

In conclusion, Lee Mi Jin’s journey in Miss Night and Day is a compelling narrative about the struggles of meeting external demands while losing sight of personal happiness. Her character’s development offers viewers a chance to reflect on their own lives and the importance of finding their own paths. For those curious about how Mi Jin’s story unfolds, Miss Night and Day is a must-watch.

Stay tuned to see how a miracle changes Mi Jin’s life.

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