The Verdict of Judge Zhou Youmin’s Injury Case

Judge Zhou Youmin sentenced to seven years for stabbing Zheng Xiaonie in a heated dispute.
The Verdict Of Judge Zhou Youmin’S Injury Case

The recent judgment in the case involving Judge Zhou Youmin from Execution Judge has drawn significant attention. Zhou Youmin was found guilty of intentional injury and sentenced to seven years in prison, along with a fine of 600,000 yuan to be paid to Zheng Xiaonie.

A Tense Confrontation

The incident began when Zhou Youmin visited Zheng Xiaonie to demand payment. The situation quickly escalated into a heated argument, leading Zhou Youmin to stab Zheng Xiaonie with a dagger. This violent encounter resulted in serious injury and set the stage for a highly publicized trial.

Behind the Scenes: Influences and Interventions

Qi Lin, the judge presiding over the case, faced pressure from various sides. Dong Ming, who was informed about Qi Lin’s involvement, sought to influence the outcome by enlisting Zhao Lingnan to speak favorably on Zhou Youmin’s behalf. However, this effort proved unsuccessful. In a separate meeting, Dong Ming tried to negotiate with Qi Lin, suggesting that leniency in Zhou Youmin’s sentencing could lead to the cancellation of a substantial debt owed by Fang Qiang. Qi Lin, demonstrating integrity and adherence to the law, rejected this proposition outright.

Justice Delivered

In court, Qi Lin conducted a thorough examination of the case. Zhou Youmin was ultimately found guilty of intentional injury. His sentence of seven years in prison and the substantial compensation to Zheng Xiaonie reflect the gravity of his actions.

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