The Unique Casting Process of Possessed Love: A Shamanic Dating Show

Unique casting challenges shape the shamanic dating show Possessed Love. A must-watch!
The Unique Casting Process Of Possessed Love: A Shamanic Dating Show

Possessed Love is a groundbreaking TV show capturing the attention of many with its unique concept. Unlike typical dating shows, Possessed Love brings together eight shaman practitioners, each guided by mystical forces, to find true love. The casting process of this show has been as intriguing as its concept, with challenges arising from the shamanic traditions and the influence of guardian spirits, or khodams. Let’s dive into the details!

The Extensive Casting Process

The journey to find the perfect participants for Possessed Love was no easy feat. The production team cast a staggering 1,500 individuals before narrowing it down to the final eight. Director Lee Eun Sol revealed, “We recruited 1,500 people over approximately two months. We met individuals with various levels of experience and backgrounds, focusing on how well they resonated with the younger generation.”

Possessed Love Participants

Possessed Love Participants ( 

This rigorous process underscores the show’s commitment to authenticity and diversity. The production team sought young shamans who could bring their unique experiences to the show, ensuring a rich and engaging viewing experience.

Challenges Posed by Guardian Spirits

A significant hurdle in the casting process was the involvement of guardian spirits, or khodams. These spirits are believed to protect and guide shamans, often influencing their decisions. Director Lee Eun Sol recounted several incidents where khodams interfered with the participants’ involvement. “Some participants fainted before performing, and others couldn’t participate because their guardian spirit was against it. One prospective player even lost contact after going to the mountains to pray,” shared Director Lee.

Possessed Love

Possessed Love (Sbs Doc/ Possessed Love) 

These occurrences highlight the profound connection between the shamans and their guardian spirits, adding an extra layer of complexity to the casting process. The production team had to navigate these spiritual dynamics carefully, ensuring they respected the beliefs and practices of the participants.

Rigorous Background Checks and Interviews

Synopsis And Broadcast Schedule For Possessed Love

Synopsis And Broadcast Schedule For Possessed Love (Doc. Viu) 

Given the unique nature of the show, the production team conducted thorough background checks and long interviews with potential participants. “We met at least 2-3 times for detailed interviews,” said Director Lee Eun Sol. This meticulous approach helped the team understand the participants’ backgrounds, ensuring they were well-suited for the show.

The director also noted that shamans face unique challenges in their romantic lives. “Romance for these actors is different. Shamans find it difficult to date due to the time-consuming nature of reading prophecies and seeking permissions from various spirits and gods,” explained Director Lee. This insight offers a glimpse into the personal lives of the shamans, making their journey on Possessed Love even more compelling.


Possessed Love promises to be a fascinating exploration of love and mysticism. The show’s unique concept, combined with the challenges and intricacies of the casting process, sets it apart from other dating shows. As the first episode airs on VIU, viewers can expect an engaging and mystical journey into the lives of the shaman participants. This show is not just about finding love; it’s about understanding the profound connection between the participants and their spiritual guides.

In my opinion, Possessed Love has the potential to captivate audiences with its blend of romance and mysticism. The dedication of the production team to respect and incorporate the participants’ spiritual beliefs is commendable. This show is a must-watch for anyone interested in exploring the mystical side of love and relationships.

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