The Tale of Rose: Why Su Gengsheng Hid Her Marriage History from Huang Zhenhua

Why did Su Gengsheng conceal her past marriage from Huang Zhenhua in The Tale of Rose? Dive into the emotional turmoil behind her secret.
The Tale Of Rose: Why Su Gengsheng Hid Her Marriage History From Huang Zhenhua

In the drama The Tale of Rose, the character Su Gengsheng faces a complex dilemma rooted in her past. This article delves into why Su Gengsheng chose to conceal her previous marriage from Huang Zhenhua, adding depth and understanding to her actions.

Su Gengsheng’s Troubled Past

Su Gengsheng’s journey begins with a difficult and sensitive history. During her high school years, she shared a deep connection with a boy, leading them both to enroll in a university in Beijing. Post-graduation, the boy secured a position in a government office, and Su Gengsheng married him. This marriage, however, was not founded on love but on mutual benefits: the marriage granted Su Gengsheng a Beijing residency and an apartment.

Their union quickly revealed the lack of genuine affection, resulting in a divorce. The marriage had served its purpose for Su Gengsheng, but it left her emotionally scarred and distrustful of love.

Huang Zhenhua’s Shock and Dilemma

When Su Gengsheng and Huang Zhenhua decided to get married, Su Gengsheng mustered the courage to reveal her past. She confessed to her prior marriage, hoping to start their new life on an honest note. Huang Zhenhua, already reeling from the revelation that Su Gengsheng had been sexually abused by her stepfather, was now faced with another shocking truth. He was torn, uncertain about how to proceed with their relationship.

The complexity of Su Gengsheng’s past, compounded by her previous marriage, left Huang Zhenhua struggling to reconcile these revelations with his feelings for her.

A Sister’s Compassion

Huang Yimei, Huang Zhenhua’s sister, plays a crucial role in this emotional saga. Upon learning about Su Gengsheng’s history, she empathizes deeply with her plight. Su Gengsheng never intended to marry Huang Zhenhua initially and regretted not disclosing her past earlier. Feeling overwhelmed by the situation, Su Gengsheng contemplates ending their relationship and asks Huang Yimei to comfort Huang Zhenhua.

Huang Yimei’s understanding and support highlight the importance of compassion and communication in overcoming past traumas and building trust.

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