The Tale of Rose: Does Zhuang Guodong Love Rose?

In The Tale of Rose, Zhuang Guodong loves Rose but chooses career over love, leading to their poignant separation. Huang Yimei's pursuit of love contrasts Zhuang's ambition.
The Tale Of Rose: Does Zhuang Guodong Love Rose?

In The Tale of Rose, Zhuang Guodong does love Rose, but he is unwilling to give up his promising future for the sake of love. Ultimately, their relationship ends in separation.

Different Paths Shaped by Upbringing

Huang Yimei, the female lead, grew up surrounded by love. Her parents had a harmonious relationship, and her brother treated her well. From a young age, she was doted on by everyone around her, making it seem like she was naturally capable of loving others. In contrast, Zhuang Guodong grew up in an environment lacking affection. His mother frequently reminded him not to end up like his father, whom she despised for not having a successful career. Seeing his father looked down upon for lacking ambition, Zhuang Guodong decided that a man must have a career to be respected.

Conflicting Priorities Lead to Separation

Zhuang Guodong believes that a man must establish himself with a successful career before he can love someone. He is used to making decisions on his own when faced with problems. Even when Huang Zhenhua tried to persuade him to reconcile with Huang Yimei, Zhuang still had feelings for Rose but couldn’t bring himself to give up everything he had achieved. Huang Yimei and Zhuang Guodong both prioritize their own needs—one seeks emotional fulfillment, and the other, career success. This fundamental difference in their values ultimately leads to their separation.

The Tale of Rose explores the complexities of love and ambition. Zhuang’s belief that career must come before love reflects a societal pressure many people face. His struggle and ultimate decision to prioritize his career over love highlight the often-painful choices people must make. Meanwhile, Huang Yimei’s pursuit of emotional satisfaction underscores the importance of love and connection. Their story is a poignant reminder that love and ambition, while both vital, can sometimes be at odds, leading to difficult and heartbreaking decisions.

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