The Reason Go Min Si Was Chosen to Replace BTS’s V on Jinny’s Kitchen 2

Go Min Si takes over for BTS's V in Jinny's Kitchen 2.
The Reason Go Min Si Was Chosen To Replace Bts’S V On Jinny’S Kitchen 2

Since BTS’s V is undergoing military service, Go Min Si was chosen to replace him in Jinny’s Kitchen. This has led to much curiosity among fans of the Korean variety show, eager to understand why PD Na Young Suk chose the actress for this role. During a press conference with the cast of Jinny’s Kitchen 2 on June 28, 2024, PD Na Young Suk provided detailed reasons for selecting the Sweet Home star. Here are the key points explaining why Go Min Si was chosen as V BTS’s replacement for Jinny’s Kitchen 2.

Go Min Si Takes Over in Jinny’s Kitchen 2

In the first season of Jinny’s Kitchen, BTS’s V charmed viewers with his youthful energy and engaging personality. However, due to his military service, he is unable to continue in the show. Therefore, the production team decided to bring in Go Min Si, a rising star known for her roles in Youth of May and Sweet Home. In this season, the crew of Jinny’s Kitchen, including Lee Seo Jin, Jung Yoo Mi, Park Seo Joon, Choi Woo Sik, and Go Min Si, will travel to Iceland. They aim to open a Korean restaurant, showcasing some of Lee Seo Jin’s favorite dishes to the local audience.

Jinny'S Kitchen 2 Cast Portrait

Jinny’S Kitchen 2 Cast Portrait (Doc. Tvn) 

PD Na Young Suk Explains the Choice

Before the official announcement, fans were curious about the new addition to the cast. During a press conference, PD Na Young Suk shed light on why Go Min Si was the perfect fit for this season. “We wanted to cast a rising star, so we did a lot of research. Go Min Si is a talented actress who is currently building her career diligently,” explained PD Na Young Suk.

He further elaborated, “Through our research, we discovered that she had done significant work before becoming an actress. The work environment on our show might seem relaxed, but there is a structured system in place. We felt that Go Min Si would adapt well to this system and contribute effectively to the team. Her background as a wedding planner, where she received a quick promotion, made her an excellent fit for our show.”

Differences in the Roles of V BTS and Go Min Si in Jinny’s Kitchen

Portrait Of Bts'S V At Jinny'S Kitchen And Go Min Si At Jinny'S Kitchen 2

Portrait Of Bts’S V At Jinny’S Kitchen And Go Min Si At Jinny’S Kitchen 2 (Doc. Tvn) 

PD Na Young Suk also highlighted the differences between BTS’s V and Go Min Si in their roles on the show. While V brought his own unique qualities in the first season, Go Min Si will bring a fresh perspective to the team. “V showed viewers the image of a young person starting out in the world of work, with his pleasant character, intelligence, and the challenges he faced,” said PD Na Young Suk.

In contrast, Go Min Si represents a young person who, despite being new to acting, has considerable experience and skills. “Go Min Si’s situation is a bit different. She has experience and skills that deserve recognition and is eager to see positive results from her efforts. Their roles differ naturally, and I hope viewers will appreciate these differences,” PD Na Young Suk added.

Jinny’s Kitchen 2, which features the team’s new journey to Iceland to open a Korean restaurant, started broadcasting on June 28, 2024. Don’t miss out on this exciting new season!

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