The Origin of Seo Do Yoon Choosing to Work with the Hwain Family in Red Swan

Seo Do Yoon's journey with the Hwain family is filled with danger, intrigue, and suspense.
The Origin Of Seo Do Yoon Choosing To Work With The Hwain Family In Red Swan

In the thrilling Korean drama Red Swan, Seo Do Yoon (played by Rain) takes on a bold mission by aligning himself with the powerful Hwain family. His journey is filled with danger, intrigue, and deep personal stakes. Here’s a closer look at how Seo Do Yoon came to work with the Hwain family and what drives him in this intense narrative.

Seo Do Yoon Saves Oh Wan Soo

Seo Do Yoon’s story begins in Manila, Philippines, where he stayed for three months to complete a pending mission. During this time, he witnessed the tragic death of his work partner, Jun Hyuk. This heartbreaking event pushed Do Yoon to leave his position as a police officer and pursue justice on his own.

In Manila, Oh Wan Soo (played by Kim Ha Neul), a UNICEF ambassador representing South Korea, visited the city to meet with Prince Mohammad for humanitarian donations through the NOW Foundation. Shortly after returning, Wan Soo faced a serious terrorist threat. It was Seo Do Yoon who saved him from this danger, marking their first significant encounter. This heroic act set the stage for Do Yoon’s deeper involvement with the Hwain family.

Seo Do Yoon Saves Oh Wan Soo

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The Death of Seo Do Yoon’s Work Partner

The death of Jun Hyuk left a profound impact on Seo Do Yoon. Witnessing his best friend’s murder during a mission was a turning point for him. Injured and deeply affected, Do Yoon was determined to uncover the truth behind the attack. His investigation led him to discover a connection to the Hwain family.

Driven by his quest for justice, Do Yoon infiltrated the Hwain family as a bodyguard. This new role brought him face-to-face with Oh Wan Soo again. Despite the apparent coincidences, Wan Soo grew suspicious of Do Yoon’s presence. However, Do Yoon’s repeated acts of bravery in saving Wan Soo helped to build a complex relationship between them.

The Death Of Seo Do Yoon’s Work Partner

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Oh Wan Soo and Seo Do Yoon’s Relationship

Seo Do Yoon’s decision to work with the Hwain family was also influenced by his awareness of Oh Wan Soo’s position within the family. Their initial encounter in Manila left a lasting impression on both, although it was a traumatic experience for Wan Soo.

Despite his turbulent household situation, Wan Soo found himself drawn to Do Yoon. Their relationship developed from cautious interactions to a deeper connection. The chemistry between them became more apparent as they spent more time together. Wan Soo, who started to trust Do Yoon more, opened up about his troubles, forming a bond that could either lead to a strong partnership or reveal them as enemies in disguise.

Oh Wan Soo And Seo Do Yoon’s Relationship

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In conclusion, Seo Do Yoon’s choice to join the Hwain family stems from his mission to seek justice for his partner’s death. The evolving dynamics between Do Yoon and Wan Soo add layers of complexity and suspense to the story. To see how their relationship unfolds and whether they can overcome the obstacles they face, tune in to Red Swan every Wednesday!

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