The Mystery Behind the Obstruction: Why the Refugees Blocked Xue Fangfei’s Return to the Capital in The Double

In The Double, Xue Fangfei faces unexpected refugee blockades and assassination attempts. Political scheming and personal vendettas intensify in this gripping drama.
The Mystery Behind The Obstruction: Why The Refugees Blocked Xue Fangfei’s Return To The Capital In The Double

The Brewing Conflict

In the recent episodes of The Double, the drama’s intricate plot thickens as the Prime Minister faces the wrath of the Princess for his ineffective handling of affairs. In a desperate bid to regain favor, he devises a cunning plan to use the refugees against Jiang Li.

Upon discovering a gold mine in Huai Town, Wan Ning reprimands Li Zhongnan for his failure and tortures him with hot water, forcing him to find a solution. Driven by fear, Li Zhongnan decides to personally eliminate Xue Fangfei and punish the Jiang family. His scheme involves withholding food supplies and inciting refugees to obstruct Xue Fangfei’s return to the capital, hoping to cause her accidental death.

The Refugee Blockade

As Xue Fangfei and her entourage travel from Huai Town to Dingzhou by carriage, they encounter an unexpected blockade of refugees. The situation grows suspicious when it’s revealed that these refugees might have been intentionally brought from Ningzhou to cause trouble. Both Xue Fangfei and Liu Yuanfeng start to believe that someone in Wei County is orchestrating the chaos.

Amidst the turmoil, Jiang Jingrui suggests capturing the ringleaders among the refugees. Xue Fangfei bravely decides to risk her safety to lure out the instigators. Ye Mingyu drives the carriage out of town, only to be ambushed by the rioters demanding food in exchange for Xue Fangfei. In a daring move, Ye Mingyu confronts the rioters while they attempt to assassinate Xue Fangfei, but they are thwarted by Xiao Heng, who captures the main troublemaker.

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